Theatre Thursday

The Seussification of A Midsummer Night’s Dream 

Once again I am painting a Seuss-type set.  I must say I am getting quiet good at painting Seuss… all thanks to my friend Robert Salberg who has a thing for all things Seuss.  This time his school was working on The Seussification of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  I believe his 8th graders were the performers.  At any rate, he isn’t fond of painting sets for himself, so he paid me to do it.  I was able to get Hannah (16) and Lilli(11) to do most of the helping on this set.  A few of the kids from the Tech Theater class at Central helped for a few minutes as did a couple of Hannah’s friends.  However, the bulk of the work was done by Hannah, Lilli, my friend Jeff and my self.  I would chalk the design on and they would paint the shape.

Once everything was painted we lined each shape with a Sharpie (I couldn’t find paint pens this time).  Per tradition, I worked in everyone’s name that worked on the set.  It’s easy to do when it’s a Seuss set.  In all we painted 10 flats, hinged them together and repaired their braces.  It turned out supoer cute.  Sadly, they kids ran into the corner of one of the flats during the performance and ripped the hinges out, causing it to crash to the ground.  No one was hurt and they were able to finish the show (a kid stood behind to hold it up).  I guess I need to make it tricycle proof next time.  LOL

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