Warrior Wednesday

A Warrior Gets Back UP

Wouldn’t it be nice if life was a straight line?  No ups.  No downs.  Just straight.  Right?

Life has ups and downs. When you are down you notice it most.  When you are down you tend to think you are the problem, that you did something wrong, and “karma” is swinging for you.

What if every down was actually giving you the energy to get back up?

A Warrior gets back up.


Sometimes, when we are knocked down we lay there waiting for someone to save us. We feel so sad about what is happening that we stop living.  Stop!

A Warrior gets back up!

The holidays are the perfect case study of “get back up.”  I often hear that “diets” and “lifestyles” go out the window during the holidays.  I get it.  I do.  What if you eat a cookie?  You can choose to leave at at one… to get back up… not let that cookie win and cause you to believe that you have no other choice than to eat the whole plate of cookies.

Get back up!  Take a stand!  Fight for something better!


Jesus taught it is normal that there is tribulation in the world, but that we don’t need to worry about it.  He overcame the world and will help us to overcome our trials when we are down.  Reach up!  Take His hand and get back up!  Get up and create something far better.


Getting back up is about unleashing the power of God in you to do something amazing.  We need the bumps in life to reveal how much God is actually with us.  Life is not designed to take you out.  Life is about revealing the fullness of God.



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