I am on a journey – a journey to find me.

On this journey I dabble in bigillion things…  I have tried every diet under the sun.  I’ve tried walking and yoga.  I dabble in energy healing and essential oils.  I garden.  I sew and crochet.  I home schooled my 5 kids until they were ready to flew from the nest (I only have one at home now, 2 married with kids, one in college, and one serving a mission for my church) and try the adventures of high school.  I volunteer at the local high school, teaching theatre classes, writing lesson plans and curriculum, and managing and designing for all the performing arts productions of the school.  I coach pop-belt to vocal students after school.  I taught early morning seminary for 13 years at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and now teach Sunday School to the high school students in my ward.  I draw.  I manager.

There are days when I can’t do it all and I just have to let go.

As I age I have found that what defines who I am is in a constant state of flux.  In fact, there is very little I actually control in my life. I am learning to keep it simple.

I can control how I develop spiritually.  Scripture Sunday is all about my journey to learn more about God, His Son, Jesus Christ, and to developing a strong relationship with Them.

I can take control of my health.  I recently read the last diet book I will ever read – The End of Dieting.  My health problems were out of control.  My weight had sky rocketed.  I needed help!  My doctor gave me this book and it has changed my life!  So far I feel better, but I don’t feel like I look different… even it the scale says I am down 75 pounds in 150 days.  I have a long way to go, but I am committed to taking control on this journey. Menu Monday is all about how I am rocking this journey!

I can control my thoughts.  Thought Tuesday is about making that connection to thoughts that make a difference in this world.

I can control how I develop the warrior within.  Warrior Wednesday chronicles my journey to awaken the warrior within me.

I can control my passions and concentrate on developing my talents and interest (currently writing, teaching, and theatre). Theatre Thursday shares what I am learning works as I teach theatre and tech theatre to teens.

I can control the development of family relationships.  Family Friday shares the adventures of the Boyack household.

I can control how I find satisfaction in life.  Satisfaction Saturday celebrates all that is good in life!

Join me on my journey!