Family Friday

Gah! The Week has Been TOO Long - It’s beginning to look like the Christmas season… Well… concert season.  This has been my view every evening this week and it will extend into next week. The week started with the Talmage Middle School Choir concert.  The next day was the High School Choir concert.  They did a fun set in Spanish with a… Continue reading Gah! The Week has Been TOO Long
Snap! It’s December! - It hasn’t been that long since I posted about the family.  It has been a crazy busy week, and it won’t be the busiest week we have. Kimber, Ray and the kids were able to find time to take in the lights.  They went down to Corvallis to see the lights and to see the… Continue reading Snap! It’s December!
Opps… I Let My Week Get Away - So, this won’t be a typical post for me.  Friday was a busy day on the road, so I didn’t actually post on Family Friday.  Besides, I couldn’t wait an additional week to report on the most exciting thing of the week.  So her it goes… Lilli used her last Saturday of Thanksgiving week to… Continue reading Opps… I Let My Week Get Away
Thanksgiving Week in the Books - This week has been a week of rest and relaxation… somewhat by force.  On Saturday John raked the leaves in the yard.  The pile was HUGE.  Then he and Kimber played with the kids in the leaves.  It was super cute. I took Lilli to see an interesting performance at Willamette University called Future Voices. … Continue reading Thanksgiving Week in the Books
Half Way Through November - This past week has been packed full of adventures.  First, John and I took some time for some much needed rest and relaxation.  Our tradition for this time of year is to spend the weekend at the coast.  John decided to mix it up a bit.  He knew I had good memories of Whidbey Island… Continue reading Half Way Through November
Starting into November - The first week of November flew by.  Early in the week Lilli and her theatre friends went out to Pentacle Theatre to see the student performance of Lilli Shop of Horrors, starring our friend, and teacher, Jeff Witt.  She said it was okay… even if some scenes made her a little uncomfortable. We also held… Continue reading Starting into November
That’s a Wrap October! - This week was Halloween.  Lilli and Ethan dressed up as Calvin and Hobes.  So funny.  I got Lilli the shirt and little red Keds off of Amazon.  We found a plush tiger outfit for Ethan at Walmart.  These two make me laugh.  Such great friends. They went with Kalel to a costume YSA activity.  They… Continue reading That’s a Wrap October!
Hard to Believe October is Nearly Over - Wow!  What busy, fun, and stressful week! We will start with class.  I love helping with the classes at school in World Theatre class we started the unit on telling stories through dances from around the world.  It will take the next few weeks.  We are learning Polynesian dances currently.  You can read more about… Continue reading Hard to Believe October is Nearly Over
Survived the Third Week of October - It’s been a good week.  The week started with a work day… and night.  We started the process of painting rocks… lots and lots of rocks.  We also painted the trim.  Joy and Julie finished the backdrop and moved on to helping get the rocks done.  Jeff and I added finishing touches, like flowers, wall… Continue reading Survived the Third Week of October
Keeping Busy! - The week has been extra busy this week.  Last weekend was packed!  Lilli went on a school field trip to Ashland to see two great Shakespeare shows.  She road the bus with a some of her friends.  They even watched a few episodes of The Office on the bus.  They stopped for lunch in Eugene. … Continue reading Keeping Busy!
Off We Sprint into October - Your weeks keep moving forward and by the looks of these family posts you may think that the only activity we ever do is work on the set for Mamma Mia.  Well… I do spend a ton of time doing that.  It is true.  However, the real truth is, it’s the only time I think… Continue reading Off We Sprint into October
Wrapping Out September - It has been another busy week… starting with Saturday. I started the morning at the high school working on the set for Mamma Mia.  Ii was on my own with this work party.  The kids try hard and are learning good skills, but the work went rather slow.  I did get a couple dads helping… Continue reading Wrapping Out September
An Other Week Down - Big week around the Boyack house this week.  We started our “week” (remember that I report on Fridays so Saturday is  the beginning out the weekly report) with half the family celebrating Jon Jessops’ wedding. Kimber and Ray, McKay and Myles, Chad and John all enjoyed the festivities in Utah, from the temple experience to… Continue reading An Other Week Down
Attempting to Stay Ahead - This is how I feel my weeks are shaping up; too many things to do and not enough time nor energy to deal with it.  Sadly, the first thing I drop is blogging daily.  I do miss that.  I like the therapy it has become for me.   However, there are just not enough hours in… Continue reading Attempting to Stay Ahead
Summer is Over, School is Here - Holy cow!  What a week!   This week marked the official beginning of school.  However, we started the week working at the school over the Labor Day weekend on the set for Mamma Mia.  Everyone still living at home went to the school for hours. We started by mapping the floor for the turn table. Then… Continue reading Summer is Over, School is Here
Last Week of Summer - We have reached the end of summer… a little bitter sweet.  Summer was too short.  New chapters are always exciting. To celebrate, Lillian went to the beach with her youth group.  We haven’t been able to break away from life and get to the beach much this year.  I am so glad that she got… Continue reading Last Week of Summer
Counting Down Summer at Our House - I got to the end of the week and found that I did not take very many pictures.  It’s a bit of a let down.  Oops.  It’s not not like we didn’t do anything this week. When we got home from Utah I went into teaching mode.  However, I did stay up real late one… Continue reading Counting Down Summer at Our House
A Lazy Week - The week opened with SLEEP!  Lilli and I were completely wiped out from the long haul of CET.  However, that didn’t stop us from tackling a couple projects throughout the week. First, John wrapped his visit to Utah on business with a visit with his sister and his parents.  He only spent a few waking… Continue reading A Lazy Week
Taking the Family on the Road - The past week has been a crazy week of fun.  We took the family on the road.  Poor Lilli was trapped in the car with her boring parents for 12 hours. We tried to divide the trip up a bit by leaving after dad was done with work and went to my parents house for… Continue reading Taking the Family on the Road
Summer! - The week opened with SLEEP!  Lilli and I were completely wiped out from the long haul of CET.  However, that didn’t stop us from tackling a couple projects throughout the week. First, John wrapped his visit to Utah on business with a visit with his sister and his parents.  He only spent a few waking… Continue reading Summer!
Phew! I Made It to the End of the Whirlwind - Phew!  Is right!  This past week has been nuts!  I hardly made it home… dishes piled up… I have no clean clothes… the weeds are taller than the tomatoes… the grass is unruly… there are no healthy foods in the house…  That’s right… this past week was the last LONG week of CET. I worked… Continue reading Phew! I Made It to the End of the Whirlwind
4 Weeks of CET down – One More to Go before the Summer Rush is over - Phew!  Summer is moving along so fast, yet, in the middle of the week it feels long.  This week has been so busy! Last Saturday, John, Lilli and I drove Bend for the Celebration of Life party for my Grandma White.  We met Kimber and Ray there.  They had fun “camping” on Grandma and Grandpa’s… Continue reading 4 Weeks of CET down – One More to Go before the Summer Rush is over
Summer is Moving Along - Doing a little catch up. Last Saturday John went on a little hike.  He left on Friday evening and slept in his car.  In the morning, he got up and hiked to Jefferson Park in the Cascade Mountains.  It looks very pretty.  However, I don’t see myself making this walk.  He said it was harder… Continue reading Summer is Moving Along
Celebrating Our Independence! - Wow!!! What a crazy week!!!  We have been so crazy busy.  We started the week working way too many hours and we ended the week working way too many hours! We worked on a float for the 4th of July parade for my theatre kids.  I also helped my friend’s cast create a simple set… Continue reading Celebrating Our Independence!
Summer is Officially Here… CET Has Started - It is hard to believe that the end of June is here.  I am realizing more and more that we aren’t very good at taking time off and recreating.  Our “recreation” revolves around work… or so it seems. Lilli and I spent time together working at the high school.  She wanted to learn the sound… Continue reading Summer is Officially Here… CET Has Started
Finally… a Boring Week - Gosh.  I wish I had pictures to show you our week… alas, I don’t.  But we were busy. This was the first real week of summer.  I taught a bunch of voice lesson.  Lilli slept until noon nearly every day.  (Lucky girl).  Lilli and I did some spring cleaning.  We cleaned the front bathroom, the… Continue reading Finally… a Boring Week
Trucking into Summer - Well… School is now over and we are racing into summer.  Lillian got to go on a little road trip with Chad.  He was in Oregon for a visit and drove to Idaho Falls for a wedding and back.  Lilli went to help keep him awake.  Other than being left at the mall during the… Continue reading Trucking into Summer
Busy week! - Once again it is dance recital time.  Sadly, without glasses I could not really see my beautiful dancer do what she loves.  My sound booth is just too far away.  Her sister took these pictures of her solo and some kind person took a picture of her in her ballet costume.  I do love to… Continue reading Busy week!
Blinded by the Week - It has been an odd week.  On Sunday I fell coming home from church and hit my face hard on the street.  I was a bit loopy and dizzy for a few days.  I ended up bruising my cheek, loosening my teeth, and destroying my glasses.  It was a long week without glasses.  I can… Continue reading Blinded by the Week
17 weeks and Counting - It’s been 17 weeks since our missionary took off on her adventure.  Sure miss her.  She is having a good experience serving in Missouri.  She is experiencing world class thunder and lightening storms, interesting wildlife, like this turtle they found in the road.  The mission leader of the ward she is serving in sent me… Continue reading 17 weeks and Counting
What a week! - Last weekend Ben and Freya spent the night.  Lilli and I took them to the park on a walk.  We had pizza and watched a movie together. Lillian worked all day at the dance studio.  She taught class and helped withe picture day at the dance studio.  Meanwhile, I worked at the school for the… Continue reading What a week!
Another in the Books - Lilli was sick for most of the week.  Thus, very little happened for her that didn’t include her bed.  She tried school on Wednesday.  However, she went home at lunch time because she was still not doing well.  You can tell from the picture I snapped, just before lunch, that she was not “feelin’ it”… Continue reading Another in the Books
Dancing Through Life and Into May - What a week!  John and I worked in the garden last Saturday.  We got the strawberry box ready to go and a boxed cleaned, rototiller, and planted lettuce, swiss chard, broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage.  We have to more boxes to go.  I really wanted to work on them today but… that didn’t happen.  It will… Continue reading Dancing Through Life and Into May
Great things are happening - It has been a great week!  The sun came out this week.  We got the hammock out.  We played ball in the yard.  We tried to chill a bit with family. Work has been going well.  I am excited to see how things go with our World Theatre class.  We have covered the difference between… Continue reading Great things are happening
Spring! - I really have been bad about taking pictures these past couple of weeks.  I’ve had to search Facebook, Instagram, John’s Flicr, and my phone to find some pictures that represent what has been happening with all of the peeps of the Boyack House. It’s spring!  We have even had sunny days!  John has started some… Continue reading Spring!
April Birthdays! - Okay… my month has been crazy and I missed blogging about the birthday boy.  This month John passes the big 5-0 and moves on to the big 5-1.  Dude… you are so old.  Well… at least that is what the kids would say. LOL.  He is always striving to get out of his comfort zone. … Continue reading April Birthdays!
Spring Break! -     It isn’t often that I go on a road trip.  I’m not much for travel.  I like my own bed far too much, I guess.  However, this Spring Break we decided to hit the road with our one child left at home and to visit family. The drive was very uneventful… this was… Continue reading Spring Break!
Approaching Spring - Spring is here!  My little flowers are beginning to peak their little heads out.  But the craziest thing happened!  Today it snowed! What the heck!  Its two days into spring.  I’m ready to play in the garden.  I am also looking forward to my roses blooming. This week I mustered up a little energy and… Continue reading Approaching Spring
It’s a Big Week! - What a week!  I have spent the majority of it in bed!  A sickness hit me like a ton of bricks.  My chest hurts.  I cough non-stop.  I had a fever, but that has calmed now.  My body aches, especially my head!  I didn’t get out of bed for nearly 4 days.  I only got… Continue reading It’s a Big Week!
Starting a New Season - This week has been a week on the run!  John had work and he would come home to work on projects for me.  Lilli and I had the last 5 shows of The Lion King.  I was a sub for a couple of days.  I taught some voice lessons too.  John has been trying to… Continue reading Starting a New Season
Another Opening, Another show -   The best way to describe the past week with the Boyack family this week is a mad dash to opening night of Lion King, Jr. at Central High school.  From finishing touches, to long rehearsals, to opening night and sell out houses, it has been a full week. First, the beginning of the week… Continue reading Another Opening, Another show
Family Fun this Week - It has been a couple of crazy weeks with the comings and going at the Boyack house. There was Valentine’s day.  My friends gave me this cool mug and a gift certificate for a massage.  John gave me a potted plant and a nice card.  I got him some recorded books, but I lost them… Continue reading Family Fun this Week
Happy Birthday Ben! - Earlier this month the most amazing little boy turned 6.  Ben came into my life as my first grand child.  I loved being at his birth.  His mom was a champ! This sweet, happy baby has grown into a sweet happy boy.
Week 2 – A week of Learning - Our missionary has been gone 2 weeks now.  We miss her.  Nothing is the same without her.  For example: Lilli and I went to the Regional Thespian Competition.  We rode the bus to Eugene.  I spent the day judging tech entries.  Lilli spent the day competing.  She did a great job for her first competition. … Continue reading Week 2 – A week of Learning
Week 1 of Our Missionary’s Service Down - What a week!  Here is what you missed. I missed Lilli going to SnoBall… I was working. She went with her friend Zoe…  A girl in her choir came over with her sister to help Lilli get ready. I don’t think she liked the makeup.  But she went with it! I think they were pretty… Continue reading Week 1 of Our Missionary’s Service Down
And Our Missionary is Off - It’s been a couple of weeks since I reported on the family comings and goings.  We have been busy!  We closed The Bully Plays.  It was a class project.  It was super fun for me have Lilli in this class.  You can read more about how this production went here.   Lili has been in… Continue reading And Our Missionary is Off
In Honor of Grandma - For Family Friday this week I choose to remember my grandma, Clara Lee White.  She died on Friday, a couple weeks shy of her 92 birthday.  She was the youngest child of Joseph Sharp Packer and Jesse Anderson. She didn’t talk about her childhood much.  There are a few stories out there that would lead… Continue reading In Honor of Grandma
From Mama Bear to Mama Swan - This week I wasn’t very good about taking pictures of the family activities.  We were super busy with school, work, opening a show, and prepping to send Hannah off on her mission.  I really should do better at it though, or Family Friday will begin to get rather boring!  Perhaps what I should do is… Continue reading From Mama Bear to Mama Swan
Beginning a New Year – It’s a Zoo! - We began 2018 by celebrating with friends… … and family.
Thanks for Reading in 2017 - I have much to be grateful for in 2017.  The least of my blessings is the opportunity to blog and the people who support me in my efforts in blogging.  THANK YOU for reading and sharing my musing with others. Blogging about my health and weight loss journey on Menu Mondays has helped me to… Continue reading Thanks for Reading in 2017
Wrapping up 2017 at the Boyacks - What a great week!  John returned from visiting his parents.  His mom gave him this beautiful tea cup owned by his Great Grandma Lillian Brockbank.  He had a good visit with his family.  The last lunch he ate with his dad was a memorable lunch.  As he was entering the lunch room, he witnessed a… Continue reading Wrapping up 2017 at the Boyacks
Christmas is Coming - It has been a fairly relaxing week of getting ready for Christmas.  It started with lots of cleaning up and laundry.  Not much is picture worthy in that. Meanwhile, John went to Springville to visit family for the week.  He went to visit and to help his siblings with some family things.  He helped his… Continue reading Christmas is Coming
Running Through the Christmas Season - Snap! What a couple of crazy weeks we have had!  Busy! Busy! Busy! As soon as we got home from picking up Chad from the airport, it was time to set out the shoes for St. Nicolas Day.  St. Nick was good to all and brought a couple silly things and Harry Potter shirts and… Continue reading Running Through the Christmas Season
Returned with Honor - The story of my son  and his mission service is a little like Paul or Alma.  As a young teen he became disenchanted with the church and the gospel of Jesus Christ.  He did not attend church for many years.  It grieved my soul.  However, when I would pray about what i could do, a… Continue reading Returned with Honor
Family Friday – Keeping Busy - Winter is upon us.  Rain has become the norm.  I’ve missed rain.  It’s a welcome sight. John installed a new water filter.  I am so glad!!!  I love to drink water, but filtered water is so much better than tap water! I worked a couple concerts at school. Hannah and Lilli are silly girls.  They… Continue reading Family Friday – Keeping Busy
28 Years and Counting - So… Today is my anniversary… married 28 years. I’ve spent some time looking through old pictures.  Ah… memories!  We have had some eventful years!  So many lessons learned!  Some lessons tested our marriage.  All lessons add strength, personally and as a unit.  Some lessons brought great happiness and a few sadness in those 28 years. … Continue reading 28 Years and Counting
A Week of Thankful Boyacks - This is always a big week around our house.  First, there is my birthday… one year older, but not to sure about wiser.  My birthday was like any other day.  Later in the week I spoiled myself and got a hair cut.  Too bad I can never get my hair to look as nice as… Continue reading A Week of Thankful Boyacks
Changing Thanksgiving Traditions - It is Thanksgiving Day at my house.  In between the making of all the “fixin’s” and the arrival of the guests, I decided to do a little research as to how this day came about and what might have really been served for dinner. The “traditional” meal includes roasted turkey with stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed… Continue reading Changing Thanksgiving Traditions
Family Comes First - I have been struggling about what to write for Family Friday this week because I didn’t get any pictures and our week has been ordinary and usual.  Then it dawned on me, EVERY DAY is a family day!  Family comes first… even on busy weeks our activities reflect that family comes first. The importance of… Continue reading Family Comes First
Freedoms Sacrifice Remembered - Again… I had this written and couldn’t attach photos while I was at the coast for a few days. Today for Family Friday I want to pay my respects and give thanks for the many men and women who sacrifice in the service of our country and communities to ensure freedom and certain standard of… Continue reading Freedoms Sacrifice Remembered
What a week! - This week was an eventful week.  First, we had Halloween. Hannah made her costume… she went as Trash.  She made a skirt out of duct tape and grocery bags and then attached trash all over it.  She’s goofball. Lilli went as her favorite character in her favorite book.  She made a shirt for her friend… Continue reading What a week!
Family is the Best - Wow!  Another crazy week at the Boyack funny farm!  We have all been super busy with school, work, and staying afloat. The girls and I have been running.  Addams Family the Musical opened at Central High school on Thursday.  I have been working major overtime putting finishing touches on all the lighting, sound and set… Continue reading Family is the Best
One More Older and Wiser Too! - This week we celebrated our #2 daughter’s birthday.  This daughter is amazing (as are all my children).  She had a high bilirubin count when she was born.  She slept in a suitcase with a bilirubin light for several days.  She was a very easy baby… goo at sleeping and eating. As she grew she was… Continue reading One More Older and Wiser Too!
Phew! That Week Went By Fast! - Snap!  I started this blog post at 6 in the morning on Friday.  I really did.  Then it was time to get my day started (I did take a little time for myself and visited my friend Julie for a good chat and a great massage… thanks Julie!) and to the high school to get… Continue reading Phew! That Week Went By Fast!
Rolling Through Another Week - I am not good at taking pictures.  Family Friday is hard to do when you don’t take pictures… also hard to do when we are all busy that we don’t really see each other through out the week. This week John has been working overtime… well, at least some very long hours.  His project at… Continue reading Rolling Through Another Week
Family Adventures - The last couple of weeks have kept us all busy… very busy.  Lilli goes to school (something she isn’t always thrilled with), Hannah reads tons and goes to work at Jamba Juice, I go to the high school to help with class and to work on Addams Family, and John has been working late working… Continue reading Family Adventures
Thanks Mom - September is the month we celebrate my mom’s birthday.   My mom is funny, creative, faithful, passionate for family and faith, intelligent, hard working, musical, down to earth, goofy, compassionate, and fearless.  She is an example of discipleship, faith and testimony in action.  I have a few traits from her and there no greater compliment… Continue reading Thanks Mom
A Letter to My Daughters - I actually started this post long before my day started and my #2 daughter called, stressed with being a parent.  “It must be fate,” I thought to myself. Dearest children… parenting is hard. Most people don’t want to admit it – out loud.  What if someone thought you weren’t being a good parent or didn’t… Continue reading A Letter to My Daughters
September is Off and We are Running - September is off and running…. and we are running!  I’ve started building the set for Addams Family the Musical.  The show opens in 7 weeks.  Holy Cow!  So much to do!  At least I am getting kids to come and help.  My friend John Hatch is helping a ton too.  This is going to be… Continue reading September is Off and We are Running
Amazing Little People are Getting Big - Today for Family Friday I have to celebrate two little people that always make me smile. Tomorrow this handsome little guy will turn 1 year old! A year ago this weekend, I drove away from Beckett’s house, leaving his proud, yet exhausted parents and his older sister behind to love and care for him.  I… Continue reading Amazing Little People are Getting Big
This Week Eclipsed the Summer! - John took a couple of days off work over the week.  He did a little work on the house. He hired a helper to help him clean moss off the roof.  They made it a little ways before the day warmed up and they had to get down.  Still some work to do.   He… Continue reading This Week Eclipsed the Summer!
Family Friday- The July Update  - July is a busy month around the Boyack house.  There are a few moments where we try to “chill-ax”… …like Sunday afternoons watching the grand kids play with the hose.  Ben was pretending to shoot Lillian with a laser (the hose water).  Freya was concerned with the results and rushed to Lillian’s side to rescue… Continue reading Family Friday- The July Update 
Many A New Day - This week seems like the beginning of many new experiences.  It is a little unnerving to wait with no idea (ok a little idea) of what the future might bring. First new experience – Lillian got what I call “big girl hair.”  She got high lights and a trim.  What did we get?  A beautiful… Continue reading Many A New Day
Family Friday – Miracle Baby  - My first Family Friday blog is dedicated to this beautiful girl!  Leneyah Lorraine Maxey turned 3 this week!  It’s hard to believe how fast she is growing up.  She’s smart.  She’s sassy.  She is super funny.  She is sensitive.  She is caring. Three years ago, during this time of year while I was in the… Continue reading Family Friday – Miracle Baby 
WORK – A four-letter Word  - This blog is for Kimber, who did a great job teaching Relief Society today on the value of work and self-reliance.  So many wanted to contribute to the thoughts shared that she didn’t get to say all the things she had prepared for the lesson, but she got me thinking and I should record my… Continue reading WORK – A four-letter Word 
A little Catch up… ok, a ton of Catch UP!  - So much to catch up on… It’s been since February.  How does time move so fast? Ok… In February we celebrated Ben’s birthday. Chad visited some cool ice things on the big lakes in Michigan. It’s hard to believe that he still has this white hat.  My mom made this white hat for me when… Continue reading A little Catch up… ok, a ton of Catch UP! 
January  - This scripture thought has been in my mind this past month.  From snow days that complicated rehearsals and the opening of a show, to personal trials, January, the opening of 2017 have nor been the smoothest of months.  Trials are a great reminder that God is in charge.  Trails teach us to love as He… Continue reading January 
2016 wrap up  - The past week has been a great one! 2016 was a great year and ended just as great!  First, we had Christmas morning.  Ray, Kimber Ben, and Freya came over before church and opened stockings and presents.  I really don’t know what’s wrong with me, but didn’t break out the camera once.  LOL  Good thing… Continue reading 2016 wrap up 
Christmas Traditions and Memories  - Today I dashed into Salem to a fabric store… needed to restore some Christmas hope in a project that didn’t quite work as planned.  On the way home a few Christmas favorites came to mind that I need to share. Memory number one: the frantic “secret” plans of a tired “Santa” (a.k.a. mom) making last… Continue reading Christmas Traditions and Memories 
Snow Day = Catch up The August through December report - As usual, I have the unusual ability to create chaos in my life and I have not written much in this blog since August.  Time to play a little catch up. Kimber took Lillian to a “color” run…   Our garden did well this summer and John and I canned pickles… …and spaghetti sauce from… Continue reading Snow Day = Catch up The August through December report
Catching up on April, May, June and July  - Between a busy life and the death of my old computer, I have must to catch up on. Hannah participated in the Mr. and Ms. Central pageant and helped raise money for a cause.  I came up with some unusual ways to help her earn money… Cleaning toilets was a winner.  We charged $20 a… Continue reading Catching up on April, May, June and July 
The March Report  - It’s been a good month around here. Hannah is one month closer to graduation. She experienced her last Academic All Stars Assembly. She earned a spot on the “soft chairs” and the famous hard covered thesaurus that a few teachers signed. She has been successful in keeping a 4.0 each semester of her high school… Continue reading The March Report 
January and February  - Ireally am slacking getting some kind of record of what happens around here.  I am mostly dragging my feet because all my kids complain that I blab.  they don’t want me to share stuff about them.  However, they forget… They are what happens in my life.  Without my kids there really isn’t anything to report.… Continue reading January and February 
December Report  - John’s sister Lisa and niece, Felice came to see Chad off on his mission We started off the month of December saying goodbye to Chad as he headed off to the mission field.  He is serving in the Lansing Michigan Mission. Getting to the airport was quite the adventure.  It started by staying up until… Continue reading December Report 
November Report  - It’s that time in life… again.  We have another Senior in high school. That means we have a mixture of “fear of the future so I’m paralyzed” and “I don’t need your help because I’m nearly an adult and very independent.” Hannah has been very busy with the musical theater she loves and the school… Continue reading November Report 
September and October – so it got away from me…  - So, I’ve been crazy busy and have been pathetic, at best, in getting some kind of blog post out.  I do have a real reason… I am not at my deck much.  I am constantly on the go.  School started.  That means Seminary started.  I spend lots of time running people to and from activities.… Continue reading September and October – so it got away from me… 
August Report  - We got the family pictures back that John Hatch helped us take when McKay and Myles came for a visit. These are a few of my favorites. It was tough to get Lenayah to smile that day. The re-creation of the traditional “kid” photo. The first weekend of August most of the family hopped into… Continue reading August Report 
July Report  - Time to report on July!  July started just right… with a visit from McKay, Myles and Lenayah!  They drove from Logan, Utah to plays with us for the 4th of July weekend.  We don’t get to see them enough.  That is for sure.  Lenayah wasn’t sure what to think of most of us… well, mostly… Continue reading July Report 
June Report  -  June started like most months around here… fast and furious.  As soon as the calendar clicked over to the blessed summer month we began Graduation Week.  This is a busy week for me as I help with many activities at the high school… including graduation.  It’s a process to get things to sound nice in… Continue reading June Report 
The May Report  -  The month of May was full of all kinds of adventure. John and Lilli raised baby chicks in March and April, but decided to get fertilized eggs for a broody hen.  As if the first 10 baby chickens weren’t enough, they got 12 eggs!  The broody mama sat and sat… until the little ones began… Continue reading The May Report 
April Report  -  April started with General Conference.  Kimber, Ray, Ben and Freya came to listen to Saturday session at our house.  Ben and Freya are such cute little people.  It’s fun to watch Ben learn to share and Freya learn to crawl.  She is very motivated by the fact that she wants to do what her big… Continue reading April Report 
The March Report  -  March went very fast… and yet… very slow. Near the beginning Hannah was an Academic All Star… again.  Seemed a little ironic since mid-term report cards came and her grades didn’t look so good. She was able to get some work turned in so the grades look better now.  Thank goodness!  We need her to… Continue reading The March Report 
The February Report  -  February started as a super exciting month… Kimber and Lillian got to go to a So You Think You Can Dance Concert.  You never saw someone so excited!  John drove them up to Portland and dropped them off and then hung out in a parking lot watching movies until they were done. They had some… Continue reading The February Report 
January 2015 Report  - We started January with a surprise visit from Felice and Joe.  It turns out that Felice now lives across the field from us.  She is on an exchange program and somehow ended up at the exotic school known as Western Oregon University.  LOL.  Joe had helped her limp her way to Monmouth.  Her car broke… Continue reading January 2015 Report 
Guess it’s about time to wrap up 2014  - I really should catch up on blogging things… I’ve nearly forgotten what happened when… especially when my days blend together. Let’s see…. Hannah competed in the school Talent Show singing Never Fall in Love With an Elf… she won. Chad played “Wal-Mart  Girl”, a song he wrote… he won Crowd Favorite. We started the set… Continue reading Guess it’s about time to wrap up 2014 
November Report  - November came and went in a big hurry.  It started with auditions for Central High School’s winter production of Oklahoma! to be performed in February.  Since Hannah was auditioning I made it a point to help other students, but to stay away from decision making with the audition process.  I was so proud of everyone… Continue reading November Report 
October – a month late and several dollars short  - The month of October was a busy one!  Mostly, we were busy with school, the school play, school activities… hey… that’s a lot of school. Hannah was one of the honored students at the Academic All Star Assembly.  This is how the school encourages kids to get good grades.  Sadly, most of the kids are… Continue reading October – a month late and several dollars short 
The September Report  -  Here it is… the long awaited review of the adventures at the Boyack house throughout the month of September. We started the school year.  Lillian and Hannah started school right after Labor Day.  Lillian is rocking the home school.  She gets all of her assignment done quickly and is able to be a helper at… Continue reading The September Report 
Catch up – August  -  OK… It’s September and although I had good intentions of catching up with what goes on around here through a weekly blog post, I’ve been more successful in a weakly blog post.  LOL… Or no blog at all.  What can I say?  It’s summer.  we are busy.  I’m lazy.  There is so much to do.… Continue reading Catch up – August 
Catch up – July  -  What is a July in Monmouth without a parade, fireworks at the park, working a concert at the park, never sleeping, CET, and a road trip. This year my favorite part of the parade was Ben.  He was so impressed with every thing that rolled by.  He was concerned that the people throwing candy was… Continue reading Catch up – July