Family Friday

One More Older and Wiser Too!

This week we celebrated our #2 daughter’s birthday.  This daughter is amazing (as are all my children).  She had a high bilirubin count when she was born.  She slept in a suitcase with a bilirubin light for several days.  She was a very easy baby… goo at sleeping and eating.


As she grew she was not satisfied unless she was being held.  One small problem.  She only wanted to be held by mom… and sometimes dad.  She only ate dinner if she was sitting on her dad’s lap.  She wouldn’t go to Primary by herself until she was at least 4 years old.  She was super expressive and quite the actor.  She could turn on the charm or tears at a whim.  The pout was the best.  She was also a climber… climbing to get milk off a counter to get the bottle she desperately wanted.

As toddler she was a comedian.  Her favorite are Knock Knock jokes.  The only thing that made them funny is that she was so sincere and thought she was so funny.  They usually went like this:  “Knock Knock….Who’s there?……Salad… Ha, HA,HA,HA!”  Do you get it?  It was hard to get her to give up her binkie.  Throwing it away didn’t work because she could just go steal Chad’s binkie.  I had to break them both of the habit together.

She always loves a good laugh.  Once, when we were getting ready to say evening prayers together after we have been working in school on manners and the proper way to answer the phone, McKay knelt down and instead for the usual,” Dear Heavenly Father….”  McKay said, “Hello.  This is the Boyacks‘.  This is McKay speaking.”  We all had a good long laugh.

She loved to roller-blade.  She excelled at soccer and was very competitive.  Her soccer attire always inspired comments.  She liked her dancing classes and developed musical aptitude, learning to sing and to play the violin.  She worked hard on her spelling, reading and math.


As a ten, McKay liked to be active and had many friends and activities.  She was very health conscious.  She loved archery.  She would even go hunting with my dad.  She was good at helping me with the set and lights.  She was real good at climbing ladders and focusing the lights.  Central has bad ladders – she was not too excited about that, but she would climb them.  

Eventually, she grew up and got married to her best friend…


… and became a mom herself.  Now she gets to experience all the things I experienced.  I hope she is journaling her days.  I had fun reading back through my journals as I wrote this little blog.

She lives far away now and we don’t get to can, pull weeds, work on theater sets, cook and laugh together much.  She is busy with her kids and being the best massage therapist around.  She is a great blessing in my life.  I sure hope she had a great birthday!  Love that kid!

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