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28 Years and Counting

So... Today is my anniversary... married 28 years. I've spent some time looking through old pictures.  Ah... memories!  We have had some eventful years!  So many lessons learned!  Some lessons tested our marriage.  All lessons add strength, personally and as a unit.  Some lessons brought great happiness and a few sadness in those 28 years. … Continue reading 28 Years and Counting

Family Friday

Changing Thanksgiving Traditions

It is Thanksgiving Day at my house.  In between the making of all the "fixin's" and the arrival of the guests, I decided to do a little research as to how this day came about and what might have really been served for dinner. The "traditional" meal includes roasted turkey with stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed… Continue reading Changing Thanksgiving Traditions

Family Friday

Family is the Best

Wow!  Another crazy week at the Boyack funny farm!  We have all been super busy with school, work, and staying afloat. The girls and I have been running.  Addams Family the Musical opened at Central High school on Thursday.  I have been working major overtime putting finishing touches on all the lighting, sound and set… Continue reading Family is the Best