Warrior Wednesday

A Warrior Can Focus on the Good - I have no idea what this website is, but I love this image. The older I get the more I realize that our thoughts create our reality. We can truly create pretty much anything in our lives if we believe in it… really believe in it. Okay… it’s easier said than done. It doesn’t happen… Continue reading A Warrior Can Focus on the Good
Choose Being Kind - It’s been awhile since I have written something for Warrior Wednesday, however, I came across this little quote and decided that it may be time to resume. There is far too much contention in the world. Proving that you are right and that someone else is wrong is not really a Warrior mentality. In fact,… Continue reading Choose Being Kind
A Warrior is in Control of Their Own Destiny - I think this is a key to being a Warrior.   A Warrior is independent.  A Warrior is kind, yet doesn’t allow the opinions of others to define who they are and how they feel. A Warrior doesn’t allow worries about money to get to them.  They find joy in what they have.  In finding joy… Continue reading A Warrior is in Control of Their Own Destiny
Warriors Get Up - I am not feeling very well today.  Thus I am not feeling motivated to do anything today.  So, this little quote is something I needed today. Guess it’s time to get up.
A Warrior Works Through the Fear - A Warrior works through fear recognizing that lessons learned are worth the struggle.   I’d say keep going… keep working… keep trying… keep learning through the fear.
A Warrior is Victorious Over Self - True!  When we put off the natural man and become Warriors we are victorious.  There is no true victory until re learn to embrace who we truly are and put on the armor of God.  There is no true victory until we put aside selfishness and pick up selflessness A Warrior is victorious over self!
Warrior Women Know How to Dress For the Day - Warrior Women know how to dress for the day.
Warriors are givers - Warriors are happy. Warriors are givers.
Warriors are Willing to Row - I came across this proverb and it rang true with me. I am learning that when something worthwhile is not coming easy for me, like most things, I can’t panic.  It’s all part of the plan.  In fact, I am learning that pretty much nothing comes easy.  It is not meant to be easy.  Most… Continue reading Warriors are Willing to Row
Warriors See the New Day - Today I was impressed by this quote by Eleanor Roosevelt. Warriors remember that every day is a new start.  Every day brings a new opportunity to improve, to ease the burdens of others and to stand tall in the face of chaos.
Warrior Women are Ready for the Day - Everyday I send my daughter out into the world hoping I have instilled this principle into her heart. Warriors put on their armory every day.  A Warrior protects her mind with the helmet of salvation.  A Warrior protects her virtue girt about with truth.  A Warrior protects her heart with the breastplate of righteousness.  A… Continue reading Warrior Women are Ready for the Day
Warriors Rack up Tiny Deeds - A series of seemingly small but incorrect choices can become those little soul-destroying termites that eat away at the foundations of our testimony until, before we are aware, we may be brought near to spiritual and moral destruction.  In the similar way, small acts of kindness, the tiny deeds of Christian service, the silent but… Continue reading Warriors Rack up Tiny Deeds
Be the Masterpiece - Never forget this fact! Each and every person is a child of God.  Each and every person has great potential. A Warrior remembers the Master and honors their personal divine potential.
- It is a moment of crisis that your true character appears. Be honest. Anyone can be patient, understanding and cooperative when things are going well. A Warrior behaves with grace and compassion, kindness and understanding when times get tough. No matter how many times a Warrior is knocked down, they keep getting up and trying… Continue reading
Warriors Put Desires into Action - I believe this principle. Results come from continuous action and a willingness to improve. A Warrior puts desire into action.
A Warrior is Persistent - So… this week I am visiting one of my daughters and her family, and my son who lives with them. I am not necessarily the adventure type. I don’t “go on vacation.” When I travel away from my home, I go to be with and to help family. I am just not the run-around-the-countryside kind… Continue reading A Warrior is Persistent
I am a Warrior not a Worrier - So many things going on in life that keep my mind spinning.  Worries…. Today I needed a good reminder… I am a Warrior, not a Worrier.  I will admit.  Sometimes I get so frustrated with how my goals are going or with injustices I see in the world around me.  Sometimes I worry for my… Continue reading I am a Warrior not a Worrier
Warrior Woman Spirit - I speak to so many people who don’t believe in their own abilities… their abilities to succeed… their abilities to be happy… their abilities to weather the storms of life.  I even doubt myself on occasions.  You know, when life gets overwhelming. I worry about my warrior daughters.  I worry about my warrior friends.  I… Continue reading Warrior Woman Spirit
Living in the Moment through Eternity - I appreciate this statement.  Everyday I strive to live in the warrior way. This statement also resonates with me. No single moment stays in that moment.  Each moment that we make a choice, that choice effects future moments.  In some ways our choices effect past moments too. Warriors live in the moment fully aware they… Continue reading Living in the Moment through Eternity
Warriors Let Go - I found this picture on Pinterest and thought it was perfect for my thoughts for Warrior Wednesday. Warriors let go. I like to let go in my hot tub… or watch sappy movie… or by sitting on my porch swing listening to my wind chime. Warriors let go… at least once in a while.
Interdependent Warrior Women - Lately I’ve been hearing so much banter with people adamant about their person freedom and individuality.  I get it.  It’s important.  However, I believe freedom cannot come at the expense of everyone else.  No one gets their freedom because of anything they do for themselves.  We enjoy freedom because of the collective efforts of people… Continue reading Interdependent Warrior Women
Warriors find the Good in Everyday. - The past 11 months has truly helped me change my perspective.  I am learning to adopt this motto nearly everyday: find the good in everyday. Finding the good means searching for happiness and positivist, big or small, no matter what is happening in your day. I get it… sometimes we all have a bad day. … Continue reading Warriors find the Good in Everyday.
Deeply Rooted Warrior Woman - I grew up in Central Oregon.  Our property was dotted by juniper trees.  One lone pine tree stood in the neighbor’s field.  These trees needed deep roots to survive.  For several years my parents planted various trees and had the kids water them all summer long.  These little trees did not have deep roots.  They… Continue reading Deeply Rooted Warrior Woman
Warriors Fight for the Love of Those Behind Them - This is why we are warriors… for the people we love.  This includes family, but most especially, God.
Warrior Woman Worth - Warrior Women know their worth. This says it all for me… especially in my current mood.  I hope my daughters always remember their worth. Warriors know their worth and give no discounts.
Warriors See Roses - Years ago I learned an important lesson… Be glad the thorn bush has roses. A Warrior sees the roses. In the past, I have been known to see the negative in things… maybe even everything. I don’t remember when, exactly, but one day I woke up and realized that the only thing I could change… Continue reading Warriors See Roses
Warriors are Honest - So… I posted recently that some money was taken from my purse at school this week.  Today some of it was returned… including checks that were taken with the cash.  It seems obvious that honesty has been on my mind. Warriors are honest. Honesty is the easiest virtue you can practice that will lead to… Continue reading Warriors are Honest
A Warrior Embraces Change - This is a concept I am slowly learning. Change is good. Remember that. Resistance is futile. Remember that. “Of course there is no formula for success except, perhaps, an unconditional acceptance of life and what it brings.” Arthur Rubinstein I realize that life is unpredictable. However, there are days where I am not okay with… Continue reading A Warrior Embraces Change
A Warrior is an Optimist - One of the greatest “Warrior Women” I know is my friend Jo. She moved away and man, I miss her. I miss our chats and our mutual rants. I miss her wild hair ideas and the “projects” she gets me into. I miss her support of my activities and I miss supporting her in her… Continue reading A Warrior is an Optimist
Warriors are Givers - Warriors are givers. Givers seek out ways to be helpful and give to others. Takers focus on getting as much as possible from everyone around them.  A Giver is always looking for ways they can be of assistance to others.  A Taker is always trying to figure out what they can get out of any… Continue reading Warriors are Givers
Warriors Never Quit - Okay… I will admit.  I have been a little discouraged with this weight loss thing. I have been around the same weight for 4 months now.  I have so many more pounds to lose to be in the “safe” zone.  I am eating well… look at my Menu Mondays.  I am doing what I can… Continue reading Warriors Never Quit
Warriors in the Making - I’ve been thinking today about what makes a warrior woman. A warrior woman is someone who defends core values. She stands up for what is right. She defends children and family. She stand for peace. She stands her ground and, if necessary, pushes for change. She isn’t really about glory and is often going about… Continue reading Warriors in the Making
A Warrior’s Personal Power - Have you ever noticed that some people seem to never be down, never get discouraged, and always seem to be in charge of their life?  I wonder why these people have such a positive, uplifting vibe and others don’t.  I recognize that we all positive and negative thoughts and moods.  I am learning that there… Continue reading A Warrior’s Personal Power
A Warrior sees the Divine Design - Yesterday I read talk by Elder Ronald A. Rasband entitled By Divine Design. As I read I couldn’t help but think how a Warrior understands the Divine Design, embraces it, and lives it. In this talk he talked about how there are no “coincidences with God… things happen by “divine design.” Now, that is not… Continue reading A Warrior sees the Divine Design
I am Raising Warrior Moms - Yesterday I was there to witness the birth of my grandson, Holland Maitland Jessop.  My daughter, his mom, is a warrior!  Her labors and deliveries are much faster than mine ever were.  She really “labored” all day in what experts call pre-labor.  It is a labor that is uncomfortable, makes you super tired, and moves… Continue reading I am Raising Warrior Moms
A Warrior Puts others First! -   I didn’t get to write yesterday on my usual Thought Tuesday time.  However, the subject that is weighing on my mind applies to both Warrior Wednesday and Thought Tuesday. I have been greatly saddened by many of the events across our nation, both locally and further away. A scripture in Matthew 24:12 comes to… Continue reading A Warrior Puts others First!
Don’t Worry, Be Happy - I would say that most people think hat happiness is a result of all your “ducks” getting in a row. Some believe that happiness is when things are going your way.  Isn’t that reducing happiness to luck? Happiness doesn’t just “happen.” Think about it!  You have met a few people who are happy, who stay… Continue reading Don’t Worry, Be Happy
A Warrior Chooses the Harder Right - There are days that are best described on the pages of Harry Potter.  Ever since the books were released, I have been inspired by their pages.  Some how, Dumbledore has wise words for every situation.  Take these quotes, for example: “It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our… Continue reading A Warrior Chooses the Harder Right
A Warrior Sees the Positive Side of Life - A Warrior sees the positive side of life. “See the positive side, the potential, and make an effort.” – Dalai Lama I have been working on staying positive for ten months or more – off and on for years really.  Even if all this effort I find that on some days I need to fight… Continue reading A Warrior Sees the Positive Side of Life
A Warrior Stays Positive - A Warrior stays positive! Negative things happen all the time… to everyone.  However, we do not need to allow the negative situations to effect our lives and our attitudes.  You can remain positive in the midst of tragedy. A Warrior stays positive! Surround yourself with positive people that can help you, and each other, through… Continue reading A Warrior Stays Positive
A Warrior Confronts - I may not be a physical warrior… not the typical warrior when you hear the word warrior. Yet, I face evil every day.  We all do. The weak choose not to deal or acknowledge the evils that are around them. The strong choose to acknowledge evil and to conquer evil… through inner strength, determination, discipline,… Continue reading A Warrior Confronts
A Warrior is Wise - Yesterday the dear prophet and president of my church passed from this life.  For 50 year of my life, nearly all of it, this wise man has taught me much.  As I looked through a collection of quotes from him this morning, I realized that many of my “quests,” my mission in life, have been… Continue reading A Warrior is Wise
A Warrior Lives for Today! - The holidays are like a race way.  Days go speeding by.  You think you may have a free day and you want to make the most of it… You find yourself thinking of the days when you would wake up and just “be.”  You find yourself happy about the sunshine, singing to yourself.  You want… Continue reading A Warrior Lives for Today!
A Warrior Trusts God - Today for Warrior Wednesday I decided to go with a bunch of memes. I find this is to be a truth for most of us.  We want to see before we make a move in new directions.  Faith is stepping, then seeing. A Warrior trusts God. This is the real truth.  When we are brave,… Continue reading A Warrior Trusts God
A Warrior Gets Back UP - Wouldn’t it be nice if life was a straight line?  No ups.  No downs.  Just straight.  Right? Life has ups and downs. When you are down you notice it most.  When you are down you tend to think you are the problem, that you did something wrong, and “karma” is swinging for you. What if… Continue reading A Warrior Gets Back UP
A Warrior Continues to Forgive - Once upon a time I thought that forgiveness indicated that whatever action a person did was acceptable.  This thought made forgiveness hard.  As I gain more understanding and wisdom, I realize that this is not forgiveness.  I am discovering that forgiveness is letting go.  Forgiving is an ongoing practice for me.
A Warrior Never Looks Back - Everyone makes mistakes.  Life is all about choices… good, bad, and the ugly.  Right or wrong, your destiny will unfold according to the choices we make.  Why choose to live in the past where everything has already happened.  Why not embrace the current day?!  Today is a blessing, where everything is possible.  Trial and difficulties… Continue reading A Warrior Never Looks Back
Warriors Look Good in Pearls - Okay… not the most attractive picture.  It helps me make a point. The sea oyster, injured and irritated, places layers of its tear-like fluid called nacre over the damaging “grit” on its tongue. Slowly, over time (maybe even 5-6 years) this irritation, this hardship transforms into a breathtaking pearl! Poetic! The thing is… we all… Continue reading Warriors Look Good in Pearls
A Warrior Develops Inner Peace - I will admit.  I have lived many years not understanding that inner peace is my choice. “Peace of mind is not the absence of conflict from life, but the ability to cope with it.” – Unknown A Warrior develops inner peace. I’ve had my share of ups and downs, disappointment and sadness. Perhaps I didn’t… Continue reading A Warrior Develops Inner Peace
Creating a Warrior - I am not too sure how I feel about this statement.  I do think it is true. It is through our mistakes and the things we learning life that we develop into the warrior we are meant to be.  So… I think we are born to be warriors… we just forgot. It takes so much… Continue reading Creating a Warrior
A Warrior Spreads Light - Darkness cannot drive out darkness.  Only light can do that.  Hate cannot drive out hate.  Only love can do that. – Martin Luther King Jr. I am sure you have noticed… We live in a fallen and broken world.  Isn’t it enough that many are suffering from natural disasters, the effects of crime, homelessness, broken… Continue reading A Warrior Spreads Light
A Warrior Works to Do What is Right - I have been obsessing over this thought in recent days.  I think it is because I am finding it harder and harder to find fellow warriors.  I mainly see soldiers… people who drift along with the crowd. A Warrior WORKS hard. Sadly, I am seeing a generation of lemmings… little soldiers matching around being told… Continue reading A Warrior Works to Do What is Right
A Warrior Practices Self-Discipline - Very few personal qualities contribute to a person’s success and happiness like the quality of self-discipline.  Sticking to my guns with this nutritionarian lifestyle takes self-discipline. My work ethic and my relationships with others takes self-discipline.  Self-discipline has led me to sustainable, long-term success. A Warrior practices self-discipline. When I practice self-discipline am able to… Continue reading A Warrior Practices Self-Discipline
A Warrior – Setback = Comeback - Today’s post will be a short one…   A Warrior understands that all good things comes with struggle… with work. A life of ease produces nothing more than idle minds, unrealistic expectations, heartache, and even despair. A Warrior embraces struggle. A Warrior sees each setback as a setup for a comeback. Check out these other… Continue reading A Warrior – Setback = Comeback
A Warrior Forgives -   A Warrior forgives. Many believe that forgiveness is a sign of weakness.  Anyone who has truly forgive knows that is wrong.  Forgiveness takes great courage and strength.  Revenge is the sign of weakness. There is power in forgiveness. I have been hurt.  I have hurt others.  I have lost.  I have done stupid things.… Continue reading A Warrior Forgives
Be the Storm! - A Warrior is the STORM! You are in control of your destiny.  YOU CHOOSE! Be the storm that carries your will, not the person caught in the storm. A Warrior weaves a path through life, makes good decisions, has a ton of fun, and kicks up one heck of a racket while doing it. A… Continue reading Be the Storm!
Patience You Must Have Young Padwan - Patience – the quality of being patient, as the bearing of provocation, annoyance, misfortune, or pain, without complaint, loss of temper, irritation, or the like; an ability or willingness to suppress restlessness or annoyance when confronted with delay; the ability to control your emotions or impulses and proceed calmly when faced with difficulty. Patience does… Continue reading Patience You Must Have Young Padwan
A Warrior Reserves Judgement - A Warrior develops kindness and reserves judgement. I can’t remember how young I was when I first heard the phrase, “never judge a book by it’s cover.”  I do know that I have learned much truth regarding this phrase. No one likes to be judged or feel judged.  As I large person, I have felt… Continue reading A Warrior Reserves Judgement
Warrior Mom - Today’s Warrior Wednesday is dedicated to my friend Callie, and all other women who brave the birthing process that brings life all of God’s sons and daughters on this earth. I woke up this morning to see a Facebook post that Callie had her baby with the help of her family and the paramedics at… Continue reading Warrior Mom
Strength Through the Journey - Yesterday my daughter and I were standing in the kitchen discussion different life experiences.  I asked her if she regretted having gone through some of those experiences. “Nope.  They made me stronger.  I learned something.” She gets it!  Becoming a Warrior Woman means understanding that it is in the journey that we gain the strength.… Continue reading Strength Through the Journey
Choose to Rise! - I have found through my life experience that most often the battles that get to most warriors are the battles that are fought from within. People are complicated.  Being made in the image of God is complicated… yet simple. I read an old Cherokee story today.  It goes something like this: One day an old… Continue reading Choose to Rise!
A Warrior of Character - Character is the foundation upon which a true Warrior is built. Our carnal minds are most often self-serving wonderful creations.  Our brain reflects and produces, creates and interprets, and analyzes every concrete or abstract point or symbol from life – all to comfort, prolong life, understand, and survive. Part of the process of building character… Continue reading A Warrior of Character
Warrior Wednesday –  - Today I wish to blog about a Warrior Princess. I believe that women need to remember that as daughters of God, they are both princess and warrior… and it is good to be BOTH! My Warrior Princess is mostly princess and doesn’t always remember that she is a warrior.  My Hannah is fierce and determined.… Continue reading Warrior Wednesday – 
Warrior Wednesday – Don’t Stop when tired, stop when Done  - Wow!  Nothing is more true than this!!!  I still have 3 more days of CET.  I wonder why it is I keep charging ahead.  In my endless pursuit of of excellence I never give up.  When a production is opening, when a class needs to be taught, when a project must be completed, you cannot… Continue reading Warrior Wednesday – Don’t Stop when tired, stop when Done 
Warrior Wednesday – Defining my inner Warrior  - The other day I tried to explain to my husband that I feel like warrior… have always thought I was a warrior.  I find myself constantly on guard.  I often dream of combat… with a sword.  I am fierce.  I defend family like a lioness.  I find myself in constant “fight” mode and rarely in… Continue reading Warrior Wednesday – Defining my inner Warrior 
Defeating Goliath  - So I was studying 1 Samuel 17 this morning and it dawned on me… David has to face something big and scary. Goliath is so scary that no one will face him. David stands up in the middle of his brethren and declares that he is going to beat this scary opponent. He then prepares… Continue reading Defeating Goliath 
Endurance  - I have a couple sisters and a brother who love to run. I’ve never understood why. I know they run for the exercise, but I believe they run to condition themselves and because they enjoy the burn. I have never run a ¼ mile race, let alone a marathon, but I have a dream of… Continue reading Endurance