Warrior Wednesday

A Warrior Develops Inner Peace

I will admit.  I have lived many years not understanding that inner peace is my choice.

“Peace of mind is not the absence of conflict from life, but the ability to cope with it.” – Unknown

A Warrior develops inner peace.

I’ve had my share of ups and downs, disappointment and sadness. Perhaps I didn’t believe that peace was possible… at least not in this life.  Peace was something for someone else.  Not me.  I think I was stuck.  I was stuck in the thinking that peace was not possible when there seems to be some drama, some problem, some stress hanging around.  All the negative stuff in the world, in the news, in the community seemed overwhelming.

I found my heart grieving.

I found it hard to control how I felt, to control my own emotional state.

I really did want to release all conflict in my life.  I really did want to stop the negative cycle that seemed to dominate my relationships and my life.  I was determined to make a change!

A Warrior Develops inner peace.


Not long ago – I really can’t tell you when exactly – I began to break free and feel a little inner peace… even with drama swirling around me.

I began to feel God’s love for me more intensely.  I looked for and found truth about myself.  I began to see myself as God sees me.  Believing that God loves us comes with knowing who we are – children of God, not judging ourselves or others for the mistakes we make – repentance and forgiveness, and from daily scripture, daily prayer, and daily pondering (meditation) in which we can feel the unconditional love of God.

I began to realize that I can change my thought process.  Thoughts can change.  We are the sum of our thoughts.  By accepting our thoughts, we give permission to shape our beliefs about ourselves and our lives.

Noticing, appreciating, and spreading kindness helps.  I began to see what really mattered.  Choose kindness.  It feels good to be kind.

inner peace 2

There is so much negative energy and craziness in the world, but we can learn to live with inner peace.

Peace comes from inside you.

inner peace

A Warrior develops inner peace!

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