#bethelight – Day 41 - Yesterday I focused on scriptures and worship.  What a stress reliever!    I was having such a great day.  It even inspired 2 fun blog posts.  Click here and here to see what inspired me yesterday. Today… being kind to people I don’t really know.  This is something I have been working on for the… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 41
#bethelight – Day 40 - Yesterday was a good day as I attended a fund raiser for a sick child in our community and checked in on a sick friend.  I am more and more aware of the suffering many people are experiencing.  I just need to remember that even a sandwich can make a difference. Today is the Sabbath. … Continue reading #bethelight – Day 40
#bethelight – Day 39 - Yesterday I was NOT a bystander.  Yesterday I stood up to defend those who needed a friend.  Yesterday I worked on The Bully Plays at school.  Yesterday I put my arm around a girl who needed to know she wasn’t alone.  Yesterday I helped a girl who needed a little help dealing with a normal… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 39
#bethelight – Day 38 - Yesterday I spent time servicing kids.  I served my own kids.  I served kids at school.  I served kids at work. Jesus taught:  “Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you.”  —Matthew 5:44 We may not get along with everyone, but we shouldn’t… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 38
#bethelight – Day 37 - Worked on forgiveness yesterday.  I am still a work in progress when it comes to forgiveness. Jesus taught: “Suffer the little children to come unto me.”  —Mark 10:14 Jesus loved little children. We can each brighten the life of a child simply by taking the time to show that we care.   I spend a ton… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 37
#bethelight – Day 36 - Yesterday was about honoring your parents.  I went through my day honoring my parents by doing the things I saw/see them do. Jesus taught: “Judge not, that ye be not judged.”  —Matthew 7:1
#bethelight – Day 35 - Yesterday I served at school… I served at home… I served random people along my path.  It was a good day. Jesus taught:   “Honour thy father and mother.”  —Matthew 15:4 We shouldn’t wait for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day to express our love to our parents. We can show appreciation year-round by serving them and… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 35
#bethelight – Day 34 - Yesterday was a good day.  We ate dinner as a family.  People worked together to make good food.  We made treats to give away.  It was a good day.
#bethelight – Day 33 - Yesterday was about giving the gift of water.  Water to drink and Living water.  My husband and I made a donation to the Humanitarian Fund at church.  I wasn’t sure where to take the case of water we bought, so today we are getting the family together to put together little bags with a couple… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 33
#bethelight – Day 32 - Sadly, I did not have time to stop at the “giving tree” yesterday.  I will need to do that today.  I was, however, kind to everyone I was in contact with yesterday and I made a kid’s day yesterday, that that should count for something. Today, I will work on #LIGHTtheWOLRD again. Jesus taught:  “I… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 32
#bethelight – Day 31 - Yesterday I focused on the positive and brought others along for the ride.  I am so proud of the kids that came to callbacks for our next production.  They all put their best foot forward and made choosing SO hard.  I may never be able to sleep!  Seriously.  There are SO many possibilities.  What I… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 31
#bethelight – Day 29 - I tried very hard with the listening yesterday.  Some days are harder than others.  🙂 Today I will eat local.  Local families work hard to create a business and support their families.  Local restaurants are good too!  Today I will give the family owned restaurants a little business. #bethelight Join me!
#bethelight – Day 28 - Yesterday I wrote a note to a student.  It was fun to see her face light up as she read it. Today is National Day of Listening. Be an active listener.  It is so easy to be distracted by your own thoughts and your environment when someone else is talking.  When you are distracted you… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 28
#bethelight – Day 27 - Yesterday I made a plan for following the #LIGHTtheWORLD. Today I will be looking for ways to #bethelight on my own.  It’s a busy day… getting back into the groove of school, work, lessons, and the like.  It will be a long 13-14 hour day.  All the more reason to work on spreading kindness! I… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 27
#bethelight – Day 26 - Yesterday we started the home decorating.  The mood is so happy around the house.  We still have more to go.  I’m sure we will get to it later in the week. Today is the Sabbath.  Today, as I reflect on the past 26 days, I am realizing more and more just how profoundly I have… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 26
@bethelight – Day 25 - Yesterday i braved Black Friday shopping and took Hannah to get shoes for her mission.  I was a great opportunity to practice patients.  I discovered something new… something amazing!
#bethelight – Day 24 - Yesterday was a good day of eating and family fun! Today is Black Friday.  Today all kinds of people are going to be out and about looking for great deals.  Today is a day to be patient.  Be patient with the tellers.  Be patient with fellow shoppers.  Be patient with people on the roads.  Be… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 24
#bethelight – Day 23 - Yesterday’s activities were fun… all without complaining.  Got Chad’s room put back together with a new to him bed.  Did some laundry.  Fixed the washer.  Did the dishes. Made Thanksgiving dishes. Wrote some blogs.  Taught a couple voice lessons.  It was a good day and I didn’t complain once! Today is Thanksgiving.  Today people will… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 23
@bethelight – Day 22 - Holy Cow!  It is harder than you think to put away your smart phone for even just one meal!  But I did it.  We had guests for dinner so I made sure I put it away.  However, it was hard to ignore the occasional “buzz.”  Next time I will need to be sure to leave… Continue reading @bethelight – Day 22
#bethelight – Day 21 - Yesterday for #bethelight I decided to leave a big tip in a tip jar at Jamba Juice. This man saw me do it and was curious as to why I would do that. I explained that I had a goal to do something kind every day and that today was the day I chose to tip the… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 21
#bethelight – Day 20 - Yesterday I attempted to fill my heart with gratitude.  It was my birthday.  I usually dislike my birthday.  It seems like a let down.  So if I have a low expectation it’s easy to meet said expectation.  LOL.  However, I went through the day working on my attitude of gratitude and the day went by… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 20
#bethelight – Day 19 - Yesterday I commented on a few of my favorite blogs.  I love to read the thoughts of others.  I love when they uplift me. Today I will practice saying please and thank you more often… especially for my trials. “And in nothing doth man offend God, or against none is his wrath kindled, save those… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 19
#bethelight – Day 18 - Yesterday I bought pies.  I don’t eat pies.  I will be spreading the joy forward and dropping a pie or two on some unsuspecting porch.  I just wanted to contribute to the fundraising happening in my school.  The fund raising continues.  Tonight is the Panther Auction, a fund raiser for sports in my school.  Choir… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 18
#bethelight – Day 17 - Yesterday I found it so satisfying to find people to thank, to find the unsung hero…  custodians, crosswalk lady, teachers, secretaries at school, gas station attendant.  I decided that for a larger action I would write a letter to a principle about her awesome staff.  A different school had come to use the stage at… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 17
#bethegood – Day 16 - Yesterday I gave out compliments all day.  It was fun!  However, I did notice that many people were skeptical of my sincerity.  It’s like they never hear a compliment so when they do hear one they think the person giving a compliment is after something.  I made an effort to ensure that I was sincere. … Continue reading #bethegood – Day 16
#bethelight – Day 15 - I just love writing little notes to people.  My heart swells with happiness.  I am not sure I am actually making a difference in the world, but I am sure I am making a difference within myself. Today is a busy day.  I will have to find a way to spread kindness while at work.… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 15
#bethelight – Day 14 - Yesterday I used the names of every student… I even used the correct name. hehehe.  At first they all thought something was up because I greeted them at the door and called them by name somehow in the greeting.  I was actually fun to mess with their minds a little.  However, I did notice that… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 14
#bethelight – Day 13 - I admit… it was easy to succeed in ending gossip with me yesterday because I went to church and then I did things at home with the family.  I will have to continue to work on this goal throughout the week. Today… Today I will spread light and joy by learning the names of all… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 13
#bethelight – Day 12 - Yesterday I finished a crochet blanket and I am nearly done with a scarf I am crocheting as gifts.  I have many gifts to go, but I will continue working on my creations and hope that they will warm the heart of the intended recipient. Today my intended kindness is to end gossip. I saw… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 12
#bethelight – Day 11 - Yesterday I wrote a letter to a friend who is serving in the military thanking them for their serving. Who did you thank? Today, I am still enjoying a little R&R and do not have my computer at my disposal. I am having a little difficulty attaching pictures to my blog posts, so forgive me.… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 11
#bethelight – Day 9 - Yesterday I tried hard to listen… no interruptions.  It’s harder than you think.  But I honestly gave it my best shot. Today is … I looked this up day up.  I found that it is a day to remember family, friends, and loved ones.  I can’t really find an origin for this day (although I… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 9
#bethelight – Day 8 - Yesterday I wrote that I was grateful for my family (I know. Everyone says that), the gospel of Jesus Christ and the bonus of having the Atonement of Jesus Christ available, cars that work, a home that is tailored to my wants and needs, a job and a hobby I love, and good friends.  What… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 8
#bethelight – Day 7 - One week down! Yesterday I didn’t exactly find a wallflower and befriend them.  I did, however, chatted with everyone I came in contact with.  It wasn’t a normal work day, so I didn’t really hang out in a place where there were tons of lonely people. Today, be kind to yourself. Every day write down… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 7
#bethlight – Day 6 - Okay…. alarms are set.  Ready to increase my acts of kindness. Today, today I will rescue a wallflower.  I’ve been that wallflower.  I’ve stood silent on the sidelines.  So, today I will be observant and if I see a wallflower I will go stand by them and strike up a conversation.
#bethelight – Day 5 - Yesterday I listed the good qualities of so great kids as I wrote them little notes at the end of a great run of Addams Family.  These kids are brave, willing to learn, talented, and truly starting to understand the word ensemble.  Who did you pick?  What qualities did you notice in them? Today, in… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 5
#bethelight – Day 4 - Yesterday I thanked my mom for all the work she did for our family while we were all growing up.  I also thanked my husband for keeping the house afloat while I’ve had a busy show run and was rarely home.  How did you do?  Did you thank the people who make home a nice… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 4
#bethelight – Day 3 - Today is National Housewife Day.  Take the time to thank your mom, to thank your dad, to thank your sister, to thank you brother, to thank your roommate, to thank who ever it is in your life that does the laundry, picks up the house, washes the dishes, vacuums the carpet, cleans the kitchen and… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 3
#bethelight – Day 2 - Yesterday was a success!  I smiled at every person.  I even took two pictures of me smiling and posted them.  That is rare… me in a picture not the smiling part.  People noticed.  They noticed that I seemed happier.  I was happier.  That happiness was contagious.  Others around me were happy, even when serious topics… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 2
#bethelight – Day 1 - Keep it simple.  Smile at EVERY PERSON you encounter today, whether you are passing them in the hall or side walk, or talking to them in person.  Smile!  Smiles are contagious! To learn more about #bethelight, visit A Warrior Spreads Light  

I want to spread kindness and light all over the internet.  I want to spread kindness and light throughout my home.  I want to spread kindness and light throughout my community.  Why not start a campaign of kindness, a campaign to spread light everyday for 365 days… a whole year.

So… today… this General Manager of the Universe will not resign an activity.  Today she will be picking one up.  Today she will pick up a new torch, fan a new flame, and begin a campaign to carry light to the world every day for 365 days.

That’s right.  For 365 days I want to go out of my way to be kind.  Every.  Day.  I want to live a life fueled by love.  Every day I want to choose intentional, unselfish acts of love.

I’m not saying that spreading light and kindness requires me to be the next Mother Teresa or Mahatma Gandhi.  It doesn’t have to be something big.  Small acts… small lights can make BIG impacts in those dealing in darkness and despair.

Every day I want to make someone’s day BETTER!  Flip the script.  Live a life fueled by love and service.  As I do I know I will find that there is no more room in my life for darkness, despair, bitterness, rage, and lack of forgiveness.

Join me.

Spread the word!

Every day I will post a simple idea to spread light to others.  Every day I will look for the light being spread by others and post about that too!

I know that is a lot of posting… but this blog is about me finding me and finding how I can make a difference in the world.  Readers are great.  Readers help spread the message of light and of positive thinking.  But I write for me… for me to make sense of what happens in my life.

So… if you want to join me, please do.