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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 481

I am grateful for my scripture study this morning. I didn’t think I could concentrate because I didn’t sleep well and my guts are on fire (no more raw onions for me!) However, the Lord blessed me and I got in 35 minutes of learning and pondering.

Today was a hard day… deep disappointment and sadness… frustration with rude kids and broken equipment at work… uncertainty of if I will be hired for next year and the hard work of deciding what to do if I am not… being pulled in a million direction and all that with no time to eat all day and very little good sleep. I actually feel rather broken today. That being said, I am grateful for the hope that is in Christ. I have hope that He can help make things right.

I am grateful for My friend Jeff who came to help me when I was drowning in demands this morning.

I am grateful my friend Jo whop called to check on me when she knew I was having a hard day.

I am grateful for my friends Josh and Jamie who extended hugs when needed.

I am grateful for John who took time to listen when I called him trying not to have a complete nervous break down.

I try very hard to be a God loving, kind person. I work hard. I give everything I have to those that I love… but there are days that I do nothing butt fall short. Today was that day. I am grateful there is a tomorrow and I can try again.

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