Satisfaction Saturday

Why I am Satisfied with Compression Socks

Okay... today is about a shameless plug for something new in my life... compression socks! I know.  You might have the same impression I've had of compression socks.  They are for old people.  Then, a few things happened in my life.  I got old.  My leg ache so bad I can't sleep at night.  And… Continue reading Why I am Satisfied with Compression Socks

Satisfaction Saturday

Why I Love My Front Porch Swing

After a super long week I crave sitting on my porch swing and mentally taking a mini vacation.  It is my recovery place; a place to reduce my stress and tension, lift my spirits and calm my mind.  I can't do the dishes, fold laundry, sweep the floor, stare at the mess I call home,… Continue reading Why I Love My Front Porch Swing

Satisfaction Saturday

Satisfying Hard Work

I am feeling very satisfied with the hard working, giving spirit of the kids and family members that came to work on the set over this Labor Day weekend.  While others were spending time playing, these awesome people labored! Hardworking students really is an endangered species in today's environment.  I am blessed to have a… Continue reading Satisfying Hard Work

Satisfaction Saturday

One YEAR! Satisfied with Blogging

Happy Blog-versary! It's crazy that I have been writing this blog, Resigning as the General Manger of the Universe, here on WordPress, for ONE YEAR!  The year has gone by fast!  I guess it's true... time flies when you are having fun. I am proud of the progress I have made to date with this… Continue reading One YEAR! Satisfied with Blogging

Warrior Wednesday

A Warrior is Wise

Yesterday the dear prophet and president of my church passed from this life.  For 50 year of my life, nearly all of it, this wise man has taught me much.  As I looked through a collection of quotes from him this morning, I realized that many of my "quests," my mission in life, have been… Continue reading A Warrior is Wise

Satisfaction Saturday

When Enough is Enough

When is enough enough? I am overwhelmed by all the crazy messages of "buy this, own that, travel here, live there, look this way... you'll be happy." Really? Seriously... it's hard to imaging a day when you feel you have arrived; you have enough.  Enough money.  Enough stuff.  Enough sleep.  Enough time.  Sometimes it's hard… Continue reading When Enough is Enough

Satisfaction Saturday

Satisfied with a little R&R

For Satisfaction Saturday I have to say I am satisfied with my little mini vacation to the Oregon coast.  In fact, for perhaps the first time ever, I felt like my vacation was too short.  I usually can't wait to get home, but this time I was really wishing we had booked our hotel for… Continue reading Satisfied with a little R&R