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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 551

I completely enjoyed my scripture study this morning. I spent a couple hours reading, studying, and pondering Alma 32. This chapter has a great discourse on planting the seed of faith. Today I focused on Christ as the seed. Alma 32:28 Now, we will compare the word unto a aseed. Now, if ye give place, that a bseed may… Continue reading Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 551

Scripture Sunday

LOVE is the Higher Law.

This past week I answered a question for my missionary daughter about the living a higher law. I gave it a ton of thought before I answered her.  I decided that living the higher law comes down to the two great commandments... Loving God and Loving your neighbor.  We are living the higher law when make… Continue reading LOVE is the Higher Law.

Scripture Sunday

Journey to Be a Goodly Parent

Today I was studying 1 Nephi (a book I am very familiar with as I have read it multiple times).  I was impressed with Nephi saying he was the son of "goodly parents."  What made them "goodly?" I looked up "goodly" in the dictionary.  Here are a few of the definitions I found: Of good… Continue reading Journey to Be a Goodly Parent

Scripture Sunday

Pondering Revelation

I have been pondering the subject of increasing my ability to receive personal revelation. I have read President Nelson's recent address several times. I have read other materials on the subject. I have written my thoughts in a letter to my missionary daughter. I still have much to learn, but I have decided that I… Continue reading Pondering Revelation

Warrior Wednesday

A Warrior Embraces Change

This is a concept I am slowly learning. Change is good. Remember that. Resistance is futile. Remember that. "Of course there is no formula for success except, perhaps, an unconditional acceptance of life and what it brings." Arthur Rubinstein I realize that life is unpredictable. However, there are days where I am not okay with… Continue reading A Warrior Embraces Change

Scripture Sunday

Working on Being a Saint

Most people would say I'm "Mormon."  Although, being given the title of "Mormon" isn't an insult, it does not truly represent my faith and conviction.   Because my church believes in the Book of Mormon, another testament of Jesus Christ that is a collections of writings and testimonies of ancient prophets comparable to the Bible and… Continue reading Working on Being a Saint

Scripture Sunday

Thoughts on Symbolism

I have been fascinated with symbolism for much of my adult life.  I decided that I'd do a study on symbolism for a little while. Symbols are a timeless, universal language. God often speaks to us through symbols. I want to be more literate in the things of the Spirit and more fluent in the language of symbols. Today I was… Continue reading Thoughts on Symbolism

Scripture Sunday

Fasting to Feed My Soul

I woke up hungry this morning. It is fast Sunday and I have chosen to fast.  I decided to make my fast more meaningful, to go to church with an attitude of worship and gratitude. I have been studying the law of the fast... both physically and spiritually... ways fasting helps my body heal and… Continue reading Fasting to Feed My Soul

Scripture Sunday

Celebrating the Great Life Giver

Many years ago I learned of the heroic efforts of Oscar Schindler, a compassionate man who attempted to rescue a doomed race of people.  Schindler made large amounts of money in his factory in Krakow Poland providing enamel-ware for the Germans.  He used that money to buy the lives of hundreds of defenseless Jews.  To… Continue reading Celebrating the Great Life Giver

Scripture Sunday

“I Will Go and Do…”

Today I have been thinking about an old scripture mastery... I think it may still be a scripture mastery, but I'm not sure because I am no longer teaching seminary.  This scripture may be the first scripture I ever memorized... way back when I was in seminary. "And it came to pass that I, Nephi,… Continue reading “I Will Go and Do…”