Family Friday

Half Way Through November

Trying out an IMAX theater in Washington to see Bohemian Rhapsody This past week has been packed full of adventures.  First, John and I took some time for some much needed rest and relaxation.  Our tradition for this time of year is to spend the weekend at the coast.  John decided to mix it up… Continue reading Half Way Through November

bethelight, Thought Tuesday

365 Days of kindness

For the past year I have focused my days on spreading happiness.  I worked on being a ninga of niceness.  I found that kind acts make people happy, and happy people are nice to others, and the happiness grows and grows. I've learned a few things about myself and about kindness along my journey: Kindness… Continue reading 365 Days of kindness

Scripture Sunday

Parental Love

I've been pondering the concept of parental love of a "goodly" parent for the last couple of months. I am learning more and more from day to day that the love of a parent for a child is the most profound because it lasts more than a life time. It lasts for an eternity. It… Continue reading Parental Love

Family Friday

Starting into November

The first week of November flew by.  Early in the week Lilli and her theatre friends went out to Pentacle Theatre to see the student performance of Lilli Shop of Horrors, starring our friend, and teacher, Jeff Witt.  She said it was okay... even if some scenes made her a little uncomfortable. We also held… Continue reading Starting into November

Theatre Thursday

Worth the Risk

This week we have held auditions for our next big show at school.  Each student put their best foot forward.  What I appreciated most is this... each student was willing to go outside their comfort zone.  Some students were willing to go further than others.  These students were a surprise... a good surprise. This is… Continue reading Worth the Risk

Warrior Wednesday

A Warrior is Victorious Over Self

True!  When we put off the natural man and become Warriors we are victorious.  There is no true victory until re learn to embrace who we truly are and put on the armor of God.  There is no true victory until we put aside selfishness and pick up selflessness A Warrior is victorious over self!


#bethelight – Day 362 and 363

Yesterday was a rough day.   To be honest. nothing really went well from the beginning of the day.  To get through the day I needed to learn to re-frame my perception... change my perspective.  Sometime we make choices that are not the best.  Sometime circumstances are not the best.  Rather than allowing regret to take… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 362 and 363

Thought Tuesday

seeds of gratitude

Gratitude makes room for hope... real hope.  It fans the fire of hope and keeps the fire of joy and laughter alive, warming the soul. Gratitude is the light that allows us to see in an ever darkening world. Maybe my next year long kick should be about gratitude.  I will find more light in… Continue reading seeds of gratitude


#bethelight – day 361

I was thinking this morning how awkward and embarrassing I often am in social situations.  No wonder my teens laugh at me.  Then I was thinking of some of the "miss-fits" I work with in the theatre.  It dawned on me... rescuing a wallflower is an act of kindness.  At our cast party over the… Continue reading #bethelight – day 361