Family Friday

Thanksgiving Week in the Books

This week has been a week of rest and relaxation… somewhat by force. 

On Saturday John raked the leaves in the yard.  The pile was HUGE.  Then he and Kimber played with the kids in the leaves.  It was super cute.

I took Lilli to see an interesting performance at Willamette University called Future Voices.  It was loosely called a dance concert.  It was more like devised theatre.   Still, it was a good experience.

We did not have school all week long.  I wanted some time to play with Lilli, so arranged to teach all my voice lessons on Monday.  That made for a very long day, indeed.  I am pretty sure that i taught from 8:30 am until 8:00 pm.  Two students did not come, so I was able to get off the piano bench a couple times to use the bathroom.  Meanwhile, Lilli and Ethan got on the roof to put up the Christmas lights.  A couple of the strands don’t work so someone will need to fix that.  It’s our attempt to be festive.  They also cleaned Lilli’s room and moved the bed around.  It looks good.  I think Ethan was amazed at the amount of junk they took out of that room.

On Tuesday I did some chores and went and got a massage for my birthday.  I am not a fan of birthdays. Perhaps that is why I scheduled myself to teach all day.  But I did enjoy the massage from a little Chinese lady.  When I got home from the massage I took Lilli, Kimber and Chad to see the new Fantastic Beast movie.  I really liked it.

I started feeling pretty sick on Wednesday.  What’s with sickness getting us during Thanksgiving break?  Some how, someone is usually sick over Thanksgiving.  Still, we kept up the festivities.  Lilli sang with the Main Street Choir at the Thanksgiving luncheon at the school.  After they sang, I took Lilli and her friends, Ethan and Jocie to Portland.  The plan was to take them to Powell’s Book Store and then to get point shoes for Lilli in Beaverton.  That didn’t work out.  It took us 2 hours and 15 minutes to get to Powell’s traffic was horrible.  However, I could see that the trip home was going to be worse.  The south bound traffic looked like it was standing still.  While the kids looked around the store I monitored the freeways.  I soon realized that I could not meet our time schedule (Jocie needed to be in Albany by 6:30).  I gave them a time line and soon we were back on the freeway heading south… sort of.  It took us 3 hours to get from down town Portland to Salem.  Traffic was the worst I have ever seen it.  Let’s just say, Josie was late.  Sorry Erin.

I did not feel good on Thursday.  Still… I got up and made food.  John helped me, thankfully.  We made a traditional meal for the family – turkey, potatoes, gravy, green beans, salad, rolls, and stuffing – and we made some vegetarian things for me – sugar -free cranberry sauce, and mushroom Wellington.  It was all very tasty.  Before we ate, Ray and Kimber took the kids to the movies with his family.  Chad and Lilli slept in.  Chad also watched football… lots of football.  Sadly, I only took pictures of food and not many of people.  oops.

McKay and Myles celebrated thanksgiving in New Mexico with the Maxey clan.  We got a picture of Hannah celebrating Thanksgiving where she is serving from a ward member.

I was still under the weather on Friday.  I kept the kids while Ray was at work and Kimber went to do some Black Friday Shopping.  John worked on a Christmas rocking horse for Becket.  I did tons of dishes, laundry and picking up.  I made some turkey and dumpling soup for dinner.  Sadly, people were not home to eat it.  Lilli had gone to the movies with Ethan’s family and everyone else was gone doing their thing.  Oh well… Hannah would have loved it.

I started a new blog.  After blogging for 365 days about kindness and trying to spread kindness in the world.  Now, for the next 365 days, I am going to blog about gratitude.  You can read some of these posts here and here and here.

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