Thought Tuesday

The House I build… little pig style… 

Today I came across the following scripture:

“The wise woman builds her house, But the foolish pulls it down with her hands.” Proverbs 14:1

I can’t help but think about the story of the three little pigs. In the story, the big bad wolf was hungry for a nice ham sandwich (forgive my indulgences with the story) and he knew where the three little pigs lived. He was real hungry so he invited himself to the 1st pig’s house for dinner. This little pig lived in a house made of straw. Piggy wasn’t ready for guests for dinner. The wolf begged for the pig to let him in. But the little pig would not, so the wolf huffed and puffed and blew the straw house in. But the 1st pig escaped by running to 2nd pig’s house.

After all that work the wolf was still hungry. He still wanted that ham sandwich, but thought a nice BLT would be a nice addition to his dinner. The wolf headed to the 2nd pig’s house, which was made of sticks. “Mmmm,” he thought, “maybe I’ll get lucky and there is a BBQ here tonight!” But the 2nd pig wouldn’t let the wolf in either. So the wolf huffed and puffed and blew the stick house in hoping to start a hot fire. But the two little pigs escaped the inferno and ran to the 3rd pig’s house.

The wolf was starving now. He came to the 3rd pig’s house hoping for a Luau. This was going to be even harder than he thought. This house was made of bricks. He asked the 3rd pig politely to let him in but the 3rd pig would not either. He was fully supported by the other two pigs that were desperate to save their hides. So the wolf huffed and puffed and blew with all his might. But the brick house stood. The wolf blew all day but the house never budged. Finally the hungry wolf went away and settled for a foot long at Subway, determined to get an easier meal from other pigs in straw and stick houses in the future!

It got me thinking, what about me? Is my house (body) made of straw, sticks, or bricks? That is a scary thought. My body is only as strong and healthy as the materials I put into it. My body turns the food I eat into my bones, blood, skin, liver, and other vital organs in my body. Hmmm… Wouldn’t I have more confidence in a body built on lean protein, vegetables, and fruits than one built on Twinkies, Ho-Hos, and candy bars? LOL. It’s little like the wise man building his house on the rock and the foolish man building his house on the sand.

I think of the unhealthy foods as “tongue ticklers” but I don’t attempt to build my body with them as I once did. I’m trying to eat more whole foods. I’ve been real careful to stay away from wheat, milk, soy, and the like since I found out I have allergies. I was disappointed that my weight didn’t just begin to fall off. After all, I can’t eat too many “tongue ticklers” because everything has wheat, milk of soy… even potato chips! I was getting real mad. It just doesn’t seem fair. Then it dawned on me that made I needed to clean house… to clean out all the “crap” I had ingested and must be still clogging my insides. Today I fasted in order to gain better insight as to how to approach the following. I decided I needed to do a juice/soup fast for a couple days and give my intestines a chance to clean out and recover. Wish me luck.

What will I do when I’m done with juice and soup? Continue with whole foods. Maybe it will help… maybe it won’t. At least I’m doing something. With my hands, I have the ability to feed myself with foods that turn me into a brick house. Go ahead… disco on… “’cause she’s a brick… house”… thanks Commodore’s!

Today, I commit to be a wiser person by building my house with the highest quality building materials, by eating foods as close as possible to the way God made them.

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