Thought Tuesday

How do you measure Happiness?

Happiness is a choice.  Feeling successful is a choice.  Happiness and success do not come from fame, fortune, other people, or material possessions.  Happiness is an inside job. A successful and happy person doesn't hold grudges.  A happy successful person believes it is better to forgive and move one then to let negative feelings crowd… Continue reading How do you measure Happiness?

Warrior Wednesday

A Warrior – Setback = Comeback

Today's post will be a short one...   A Warrior understands that all good things comes with struggle... with work. A life of ease produces nothing more than idle minds, unrealistic expectations, heartache, and even despair. A Warrior embraces struggle. A Warrior sees each setback as a setup for a comeback. Check out these other… Continue reading A Warrior – Setback = Comeback

Theatre Thursday

Stage Fright is Really… But Can Be Controlled

This blog post is for Elle... and all my other students whom I love and adore.  Why? Because I just need to do what I can to help them feel confident and valued!  I can't tell you how many students in a drama class or in voice lessons I hear say, "I can't do this… Continue reading Stage Fright is Really… But Can Be Controlled

Thought Tuesday

Feeling Pressure

An increase of youth seem to be suffering anxiety and depression ever since the "Great Depression" in the 1930s.  Why?  What has happened to change how we are all able to cope with stress and disappointment?  Has stress increased?   It is my observation that modern life is not good for mental health.  80 years… Continue reading Feeling Pressure