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Grand kids are the Best

I am so lucky to be the grandparent of some pretty cute and awesome kids. Some live close to me and I see them often. Some live far away from me and I only see them once or twice a year.

This week is Spring Break and we decided to take a little road trip to visit the kids and grandkids that live far away. We have been playing and creating all day.

It is true. These little people bring a ton of joy and happiness to a person. They are a constant source of funny things. For example, today while driving Leneyah around doing a few errands, she kept commenting that I was a very good driver. “Thank you,” I said. “I taught your mom to drive.” She was shocked! Her little brother love to smile at me… as long as I am across the room. LOL.

These guys, all 5 of them, and soon 6 (as my daughter and her husband are adopting), all bring me joy. I love to see them grow and blossom in the activities and skills they are learning. The oldest, Ben, has started school. He is so smart and he has such a tender heart. His sister, Freya, looks forward to pre-school. She love to help with her little brother. Leneyah helps with her brother too. She love books and loves to tell stories. Becket Has figured out this walking business and is now very busy.

I know their parents often feel overwhelmed with all the responsibilities of a young family. I’ve been there. All I can offer is this, these little people are worth it. Being a grandparent is the reward for those countless sleepless, loud, frustrating, little people days. Make it to grand-parenting, my children. Then you will get it.

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