Satisfaction Saturday

One YEAR! Satisfied with Blogging

Happy Blog-versary! It's crazy that I have been writing this blog, Resigning as the General Manger of the Universe, here on WordPress, for ONE YEAR!  The year has gone by fast!  I guess it's true... time flies when you are having fun. I am proud of the progress I have made to date with this… Continue reading One YEAR! Satisfied with Blogging

Family Friday

Beginning a New Year – It’s a Zoo!

We began 2018 by celebrating with friends... ... and family. I delivered a back drop that Hannah and I painted and picked up some things we are borrowing for Lion King, JR.  I felt like I was driving down the road with a zoo!  Those are the Rhinos and giraffes behind me.  LOL. I am… Continue reading Beginning a New Year – It’s a Zoo!

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Thanks for Reading in 2017

I have much to be grateful for in 2017.  The least of my blessings is the opportunity to blog and the people who support me in my efforts in blogging.  THANK YOU for reading and sharing my musing with others. Blogging about my health and weight loss journey on Menu Mondays has helped me to… Continue reading Thanks for Reading in 2017

Satisfaction Saturday

When Enough is Enough

When is enough enough? I am overwhelmed by all the crazy messages of "buy this, own that, travel here, live there, look this way... you'll be happy." Really? Seriously... it's hard to imaging a day when you feel you have arrived; you have enough.  Enough money.  Enough stuff.  Enough sleep.  Enough time.  Sometimes it's hard… Continue reading When Enough is Enough

Family Friday

Running Through the Christmas Season

Snap! What a couple of crazy weeks we have had!  Busy! Busy! Busy! As soon as we got home from picking up Chad from the airport, it was time to set out the shoes for St. Nicolas Day.  St. Nick was good to all and brought a couple silly things and Harry Potter shirts and… Continue reading Running Through the Christmas Season

Thought Tuesday

A Big Thanks

Today I was looking at all the people who follow my blog.  I am amazed that people from all over the world have found my musings interesting.  It is most amazing that people who don't know follow me. Thank you! Thank you for reading my blog posts and for following my.  I write for my… Continue reading A Big Thanks