Thought Tuesday

Adulting 101 – What’s Cooking? - I’ve made an observation that just amazes me… cooking is a practical skill that has been discarded along the wayside.  It’s not just teens who have forgotten the benefits of cooking nutritious meals at home.  I was sitting by some ladies this weekend who were chatting away about how they “eat out” 3-4 times a… Continue reading Adulting 101 – What’s Cooking?
Adulting 101 – Fire Safety - Yesterday I had the State Fire Marshal visit my area of the school.  Although I do many things right when it comes to safety, I had a few things I needed to improve on.  At first it felt annoying and a bit nit-picky.  Then, I realized she was just concerned with safety.  I needed to… Continue reading Adulting 101 – Fire Safety
Adulting 101 – Real Adults Take Responsibility for Themselves - Okay… I am back on the soap box today for Thought Tuesday.  It’s been a few months in development.  As I volunteer in the high school I am noticing an alarming trend within the adults-in-training that I serve.  This trend is often diagnosed as laziness.  However, I believe it is a lack of training… and… Continue reading Adulting 101 – Real Adults Take Responsibility for Themselves
Adulting 101 – How to hang a picture - So here is the deal… someday, you will move out of your parents house.  Someday you are going to want to hang a picture of dear old mom above the mantel.  Mom is coming to visit and you will want to make an impression.  Proudly displaying that picture of mom will definitely show off your… Continue reading Adulting 101 – How to hang a picture
What Happened to the Golden Rule? - Tomorrow we open our latest production at school… The Bully Plays.  The Bully Plays are a collection of 10 minute plays created to inspire the end of bullying.  However, I have to admit that I am confused as to why this is an issue.  Whatever happened to “The Golden Rule?”  Has the Golden Rule gone… Continue reading What Happened to the Golden Rule?
Adulting 101 – Remembering Bob the Builder – Basic Home Repair Tools - I spend my days teaching kids the basics of simple home repair tools.  You would be surprised how many teens and young adults don’t have the first idea of how to use a hammer, a drill, or even, to measure something with a tape measure.  I believe firmly that ever young adult should be able… Continue reading Adulting 101 – Remembering Bob the Builder – Basic Home Repair Tools
Adulting 101 – Cleaning up the Crap - The peaceful evening was broken with a panicked, “Mom. Mom. Mom! The toilet is overflowing.” Okay.  Deal with it. Dude!  There is going to be a day when you and your parents don’t live in the same household.  There will be a moment when you finish doing your business and flush your toilet, and the… Continue reading Adulting 101 – Cleaning up the Crap
Adulting 101 – Cleaning the Bathroom - I just walked into my teenager’s bathroom… There are a few Japanese folklore stories where a number of spirits are rumored to appear in bathrooms… What lurks in your bathroom? As you may have noticed from the last Adulting 101 post, your bathroom is disgusting. To my knowledge, there is NOT a self cleaning bathroom… Continue reading Adulting 101 – Cleaning the Bathroom
Adulting 101 – Want vs. Need - Money.  Having money.  Spending money.  Money is on the mind of all the teens I know.  The purpose of money is to provide for needs and wants, for myself and for others, now and in the future.  It comes down to simple economics.  One of the most basic concepts of economics is want vs. need. … Continue reading Adulting 101 – Want vs. Need
Adulting 101 – Your High School Grades Matter - Nearly all high school seniors believe that they are going to college and bad grade won’t stop them.  Have you listened to the “future plans” of graduates read as they walk across the stage at graduation?  Okay.  A large majority are heading to a community college because open admissions is a “thing.”  But are they… Continue reading Adulting 101 – Your High School Grades Matter
Adulting 101 – - Perhaps you have heard the saying, “measure twice, cut once.”  This is a phrase I use all the time in a scene shop.  However, I am finding more and more students “come close” and yet, “close” is not really good enough.  It is just guessing.  The consequence of “guessing” is wasted material… and money…  You… Continue reading Adulting 101 –
Adulting 101 – Time - As mentioned last Tuesday in my Thought Tuesday Blog Adulting 101, I believe I have contributed to the growing problem of teens entering adulthood lacking basic skills.  Despite and education system that focuses dollars and hours on testing skills, I can’t find any evidence of testing life skills of students before graduation.  Basic skills such as… Continue reading Adulting 101 – Time
A Big Thanks - Today I was looking at all the people who follow my blog.  I am amazed that people from all over the world have found my musings interesting.  It is most amazing that people who don’t know follow me. Thank you! Thank you for reading my blog posts and for following my.  I write for my… Continue reading A Big Thanks
Adulting 101 - I am afraid that we, as adults, have not fully prepared our teens to be adults.  I am more and more aware the we have not created Generation XYZ.  We have created Generation Lacking.  I’m not talking about lacking in material things.  In fact, having so many material things has contributed to a lack of… Continue reading Adulting 101
Developing Learning for Life - I have to admit I have a bone to pick with traditional education.  Okay… an education, college included, is a great asset.  Okay… I do think kids need an education.  Okay… I do think an education is the foundation of building a great career that can support a family, life experiences, and friendships that can… Continue reading Developing Learning for Life
This Little Light of Mine - There is a greater need for light in world suffering from growing darkness.  The light the world need lives within each of us.  The light within us can chase away shadows of doubt, illuminate truth, energize hope, and enlighten the soul. What does it mean to shine?  Well, a dictionary says it means to give… Continue reading This Little Light of Mine
Wise Words - I’ve been obsessing lately about the words we choose to share with others.  Every day I remind others that words matter.  Whether it is a careless comment, a tantalizing Tweet, a snappy Snapchat, or a potent post on Facebook, the words we share have power!  Are we thinking about what we are saying? I am… Continue reading Wise Words
Let It Go - I admit, I am a rather guarded person.  As a teen I dressed like a bruise wearing only black, purple, green, and white.  I did my best to avoid being vulnerable.  The trouble is, you can’t hide yourself from being vulnerable.  Painful experiences happen. The key to happiness is letting them go.  Holding on to… Continue reading Let It Go
Be the GOOD! - I’ve been thinking this for a few days. It is easy to get caught up in believing there is no more good in this world.  All you have to do is to look around a little and you see tragedy and despair from all corners of the globe. There is good! You see.  Last week… Continue reading Be the GOOD!
Feeling Pressure - An increase of youth seem to be suffering anxiety and depression ever since the “Great Depression” in the 1930s.  Why?  What has happened to change how we are all able to cope with stress and disappointment?  Has stress increased?   It is my observation that modern life is not good for mental health.  80 years… Continue reading Feeling Pressure
Guilty as Charged -   “You can’t do something telling someone you love them.”  My mom told me that today. I love you… just 3 little words that hold such value. I love you… a message that can turn the tide. I love you … with power to make bonds stronger. How can these 3 words be so powerful,… Continue reading Guilty as Charged
More Bizz With Lizz - More “shout outs” for my student and Bizz with Lizz.  This student of mine really cracks me up.  Making these videos is therapeutic form her.  It is my hope that getting out there will help her overcome her fears and help her to see herself as a valuable person… a person with a voice.  Here… Continue reading More Bizz With Lizz
The Great Dolvondo! - Today I am sending out a HUGE “SHOUT OUT” to my nephew Marshall.  I love this kid!  I taught him piano lesson was he was knee-high-to-a-grasshopper.  Now he is a foot taller than I am and composing music.  Check out these songs he composted as The Great Dolvondo (his pen name): You’ve come a long… Continue reading The Great Dolvondo!
Singing and Dancing in the Rain - It is often said that we crave for things that we don’t have… it’s part of our human psyche. I grew up in the high desert in central Oregon.  Rain was not common there.  Summers would bring impressive thunderstorms. The air would smell fresher.  The dust would settle.  The high desert refreshed with a cool… Continue reading Singing and Dancing in the Rain
Bizz with Lizz - Today I’m going to put a “shout out” to one of my students.  This students is one of the shiest, quietest students in the classes I help with.  She takes voice lessons with me, yet is afraid to sing in front of people.  Yesterday I was introduced to her “rants.”  I have to say I… Continue reading Bizz with Lizz
Reflection a Sunny Disposition - My friend Sheri and I had a chat about the symbolism and the healing powers flowers have on our souls.  We discussed how one particular flower, the sunflower, could be healing and inspiring for me.  I’ve been pondering that conversation for several days. Truthfully, although I love red roses, no flower can lift my spirits… Continue reading Reflection a Sunny Disposition
Positive Talk - I have a confession. My mind is never quiet.  There is a constant stream of dialogue running through my brain at all times.  I guess you could say I talk to myself.  What can I say?  I’m a good listener.  LOL. I know I’m not special in this regard.  As all have a set of… Continue reading Positive Talk
Being Right is Overrated - “I don’t care what the critics say.  I’m right and they’re wrong.” Nearly everyone to ever live on this planet wants to be right.  I blame ego.  Often, it doesn’t matter if someone gets hurt in the name of being right. I have to admit.  I am getting weary of all the news reporting wars,… Continue reading Being Right is Overrated
Celestial Wonders - The event began yesterday morning with an ever-so-slight shift of light… a bit of darkness.  Through my solar eclipse glasses, it appeared as if someone nibbled a small bite out of the sun. Slowly – yet not slowly – the shadow crept its way across the sun’s surface. As these celestial bodies began to align… Continue reading Celestial Wonders
Love Trumps Them All - Under Pressure – Queen and David Bowie I must confess, I don’t understand hatred. The examples of hatred that are saturating our society baffle me.  Hatred run rampant in our politics, society, and religions.  I can’t escape!  I see hatred on television shows, movies, computer screens, schools, streets and communities.  I see hate’s ignorance and… Continue reading Love Trumps Them All
Thoughts Tuesday – Random Thoughts  - Thoughts Tuesday is all about the random thoughts I get throughout the day. Nothing could be further from the truth! My brain is on such an overload thinking about all the stuff I need to get done, and all the road blocks that I hit, that I can’t seem to make progress in anything! This… Continue reading Thoughts Tuesday – Random Thoughts 
Thought Tuesday – Sometimes You Have To Let Go  - This thought is a key to survival.  I am learning it is ok to let things go.  Most of the time I let my house work go.  I am currently at a family reunion and I walked out of my house with my dishes filling the sink and spilling out over the counters.  Toys are… Continue reading Thought Tuesday – Sometimes You Have To Let Go 
Thought Tuesday – Don’t underestimate me  - There are moments when I feel highly underestimated.  Perhaps the reason why is that people forget that you never really stop getting to know people.  When you think you know them, they surprise you?  I am learning that I should never underestimate people because I might be wrong. Every relationship must be renewed by learning… Continue reading Thought Tuesday – Don’t underestimate me 
An Open Letter to Those Who Hate The School Dress Code  - I have noticed a ton of resistance to dress codes in schools.  I have something to say… get over it. A dress code is not about body shaming.  It is not about control.  It’s not about taking away individuality. The dress code is not about making social divisions.  It is not about taking away individual… Continue reading An Open Letter to Those Who Hate The School Dress Code 
Mouse trap  - Alright, lets jump straight into a conversation I had with Lillian yesterday morning.  Imagine.  I was cleaning up in the kitchen and I find a drawer full of little black rice-looking pellets.  “Gross!  Not mice.”  “There’s a house in our house?”  Lillian screamed and jumped on a chair.  As if that would help. That’s right,… Continue reading Mouse trap 
In Honor of Columbus  - Yesterday I noticed several people complaining that we, as a nation, honor Christopher Columbus for the “discovery” of the Americas. This morning, as I drove my kids to early morning classes at our local high school, I listened to radio hosts talk about those that would like to “dis”-honor Columbus for his contributions to our… Continue reading In Honor of Columbus 
Not a Fan of Dogs – a Fan of Kids  - I am not a fan of dogs. They are loud. Bark! Bark! BARK! At everything! They are dirty. From dog poop to dog hair, I am in a constant war with the filth my dogs create. Today alone, I emptied the vacuum 3 times because of dog hair. Seriously! Who needs carpet? We’ve got a… Continue reading Not a Fan of Dogs – a Fan of Kids 
Camping Confessions  - It has been said that I am the best camper of all campers that hate camping. I am not sure about the “best camper” title, but I can, with confidence, say that I hate camping. People say they go camping in order to ‘relax’. Whatever! What is so RELAXING?! Living off the land is… not… Continue reading Camping Confessions 
fading scars  - I have scars all over my body. I have one scar on my left knee from a needle. As a child, I was crawling under a quilt my mother was working on and found the needle she had lost. It broke off. Years later, when my knee was x-rayed after a slide into home plate… Continue reading fading scars 
Restocking Nemo  - This week’s summer adventure included restocking the two fish tanks that take up space at my house. Sometimes I wonder at my own thinking. Seriously! Do you know how many fishies have swum through our house? But I cave… and children are happy. This time, however, I was determined to make the experience of owning… Continue reading Restocking Nemo 
A Paradox, A Paradox, A Most Perplexing Paradox!  - This morning, while I was loading the dishwasher I came upon a paradox. Too much food. I kept thinking of my mom… “eat all of that oatmeal. You know there are starving kids in Africa.” Scraping plates into the garbage disposal was a bit depressing. Truly, we could have fed a small family with the… Continue reading A Paradox, A Paradox, A Most Perplexing Paradox! 
Let It Shine and Watch the Cockroaches Scatter!  - This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine. This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine. This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine; Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine! ~written by unknown (gospel song) Yesterday, this little song kept going through my mind yesterday. It’s… Continue reading Let It Shine and Watch the Cockroaches Scatter! 
Losing Sportsmenship  - Tonight I went to a HS girls basketball game. The girls played well and worked hard, but in the end they lost the game. I was impressed with most of their attitudes, for the most part. I can’t say that I was too impressed with the attitudes and behavior of the audience around me. Admittedly,… Continue reading Losing Sportsmenship 
Stud Fashion Muffin  - Back in the day women were desperate to have that “hour glass” figure. They would cinch themselves into uncomfortable tight corsets thought by many to be a vessel of sin. In a desperate attempt to achieve the ideal, some women had their lower ribs surgically removed. Wow. We haven’t progressed much, have we? “Corset diseases”… Continue reading Stud Fashion Muffin 
Impressions of Water  - I’ve been contemplating gaining more motivation to drink more water. Here is a little of the information that is now compelling me to hydrate!I’ve learned that I need far more water than the suggested 8 glasses a day. The average adult losses about 2 ½ to 3 liters of fluid a day through sweating, breathing,… Continue reading Impressions of Water 
Toys Not Tools  - “Think of it as a toy, not a tool.” When it comes to exercise I'm like a mountain, totally unmovable. Time to get more toys to make exercise bearable.
Living on the Edge… Is there Really Life Without a Microwave?  - Is There Life Without a Microwave? Well of course the answer to that question is yes. My grandmother lived without one, my mother didn’t have one until I was in high school, I think, and there are millions of people around the world living today without a microwave. I could feed my family without a… Continue reading Living on the Edge… Is there Really Life Without a Microwave? 
Ode to Being a Bear  - … too lazy to blog… ok.. still feeling a bit under the weather… to much stuff going on in life… and I just couldn’t dream up something to write about. I haven’t been able to eat much today because my tummy is still not happy, and I haven’t had much energy for exercise. On top… Continue reading Ode to Being a Bear 
Death By Affluence  - I am a BIG fan of mysteries. As a kid I rode my bike down to the library and checked out 70 of the 82 Agatha Christie books and read them by the time I was 15. As an adult, I learned to love TV shows like Castle, NCIS, and even Hawaii 5-0. Today, I… Continue reading Death By Affluence 
I want to be Erma Bombeck When I Grow Up  - Is there an etiquette when one has a serious disillusion of just how life should be? Today, I summon the spirit of Erma Bombeck and wonder What Erma Would Do – WEWD for short. Life ain’t no bowl of cherries when you have a teenagers, Erma. I’d say it’s mostly pits! But I’m trying to… Continue reading I want to be Erma Bombeck When I Grow Up 
Fist Out of Water  - OK…. This post is really for yesterday, Jan. 3, 2011. I was really in the middle of formulating the perfect post when my day took me for a few unexpected turns; i.e. my car wouldn’t start, the doctor and I played phone tag all day and I still haven’t gotten an answer as to how… Continue reading Fist Out of Water 
Drink Deep….  - I have come to a better understanding of the need I have for fresh, “living water” daily in order to successfully achieve my goals in health. Our body is about 60% to 75% water. A person at rest loses about 40 ounces of water per day. Water leaves our body in the urine, in your… Continue reading Drink Deep…. 
Life may not be fair… it’s a circus  - My kids (especially my son) believe that life is not fair. At one point my husband and I were tired of hearing “It’s not fair” that my husband made up a game entitle “The Fair is in August” and we played it for family night. More recently “it’s not fair” is coupled with “that’s stupid.”… Continue reading Life may not be fair… it’s a circus 
Possitive “bug” Thoughts  - The only thing that will stop you from fulfilling your dreams is you. Tom Bradley Today I’ve been thinking about the power of positive thinking and just I’d like to increase positive self talk in my day to day life. There are so many issues and responsibilities that I am confronted with each day that… Continue reading Possitive “bug” Thoughts 
Forward Thinking  - God is a forward thinking and acting God. I want to be a forward thinking woman. I’ve been pondering this idea and luckily I found Jeremiah 7:23-24:“But this is what I commanded them, saying, ‘Obey My voice, and I will be your God, and ye shall be my people. And walk ye in all the… Continue reading Forward Thinking 
Leaping Walls in a Single Bound  - I may have built a brick house too fast… I feel like I hit a brick wall! I’m sporting a massive headache… I feel like I’m moving in slow motion… pretty much everything aches. I’m not panicking. I know it comes with the territory of a complete cleanse. I’ve done this before and I know… Continue reading Leaping Walls in a Single Bound 
The House I build… little pig style…  - Today I came across the following scripture: “The wise woman builds her house, But the foolish pulls it down with her hands.” Proverbs 14:1 I can’t help but think about the story of the three little pigs. In the story, the big bad wolf was hungry for a nice ham sandwich (forgive my indulgences with… Continue reading The House I build… little pig style… 
D is for DEVOTION… oh to be a hummingbird…  - It’s hummingbird season. I have a butterfly bush outside my family room window. I planted it there on purpose because I like to watch the butterflies and hummingbird come and visit the lavender blossoms. These little birds are amazing. Their average weight is 1/8 ounce. Their wings beat between 40 and 80 beats per second.… Continue reading D is for DEVOTION… oh to be a hummingbird… 
So many Choices…  - “… I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore CHOOSE life, that both thou and thy seed may live: That thou mayest love the LORD thy God, and that thou mayest obey his voice, and that thou mayest cleave unto him: for he is thy life, and the length of thy… Continue reading So many Choices… 
Longing to Be Extraordinary  - My bad attitude is persisting into today. Rats! I was brushing up on some Facebook and catching up on blogs I enjoy reading and suddenly was overcome with a longing to be extraordinary. I see so many people I follow succeeding in their quest to down size and I am not only at a standstill…… Continue reading Longing to Be Extraordinary 
Allergic to Change  - As I sat listening to testimonies today the thought came to me that I know what my whole problem has been these past few months. I am allergic to change. Seriously… I sit on the same bench in the same spot every Sunday… I’m pretty sure I consistently bounce back to the same haircut time… Continue reading Allergic to Change 
Time for the Fat Lady to SING!  - Maybe I eat too much Mexican food. Is that possible? Mexican food is awesome. Last night my husband and I went to a Mexican restaurant. It’s hard to find wheat/milk/soy free food. Avoiding soy is pretty easy, but avoiding wheat and milk is harder. Everything is smothered in yummy cheeses and sour cream. And most… Continue reading Time for the Fat Lady to SING! 
Fresh Paint  - As a kid, I remember organizing M&Ms by color and eating the “best” ones first – usually the brightest ones. To this day, I reach for green, yellow, and red peanut M&Ms first, believing that they’re far superior to all other varieties without really understanding why. Then I read about a study that showed these… Continue reading Fresh Paint 
life lessons from baseball  - Yesterday was a road trip. I drove 3 hours to watch a baseball game for a couple hours. My brother and his family live in Australia and my nephew plays for an Australian youth all star team and they came to tour the NW. We only get to see them once every 4 years so… Continue reading life lessons from baseball 
Child-like or child-ish… that is the question  - The past two days have been a little stressful. Part of the stress is how one of my children feels about themselves. It breaks my heart to hear words that they don’t deserve happiness or good things to happen to them. Because of these feelings progress is being stalled. It reminds me of ME and… Continue reading Child-like or child-ish… that is the question 
D is for DESTINY…  - D is for DESTINY… a predetermined course of events. Winston Churchill once said our destiny is not a matter of chance, it is more a matter of choice. And our destiny isn’t something we wait for to happen, it is something to be achieved. Therefore, what I make of my life isn’t accidental. It’s a… Continue reading D is for DESTINY… 
My Yoke is Easy…  - I had a thought occur to me while studying Matt. 11:28-29. Why did I ever think I could learn to bridle all my passions without the Lord? OK… I’ve known this before, but I continue to forget. The Lord continues to repeat lessons for me because I continue to forgetful… sheesh… at least He is… Continue reading My Yoke is Easy… 
Ways Being a Theater Major Set Me Up For a Successful Life  - The Arts in our public schools are disappearing at an alarming rate.  The town next to us has cut the vocal program from their class schedules.  The schools in my town have moved to offering ½ of the music program they had a few years ago.  They don’t offer a theater program.  The only theater… Continue reading Ways Being a Theater Major Set Me Up For a Successful Life 
Attend the Tale…  - I came home from Seminary a few months ago and quickly became a little confused.  John was still home.  He left a message on Facebook that I had the day off.  My response was, “I don’t think so.  I’ve got responsibilities.”  But I went with it. John had arranged for Kimber to hang out with the little… Continue reading Attend the Tale… 
Launching an New Website - This is the excerpt for your very first post.