Thought Tuesday

Thought Tuesday – Sometimes You Have To Let Go 

This thought is a key to survival.  I am learning it is ok to let things go.  Most of the time I let my house work go.  I am currently at a family reunion and I walked out of my house with my dishes filling the sink and spilling out over the counters.  Toys are all over the floor.  Laundry is staked in the laundry room.  It is true that I am a calmer person when my house is clean and organized, but there are somethings better to focus on… like cute grand kids who are visiting.  It is also true that I am not a fan of housework, so it is easy to let it go. (Go ahead, sing.  You know you want to).
I’ve been planning to write about letting some things go and then I saw this picture and had to giggle to myself.  My daughter is visiting and this is her kids… or so she feels.  She is ready for her little guy to let go a littl and allow others to hold and comfort him.  We have all been there.  That stage of parenting where your kids only want mom.  This phase leaves, and soon they don’t want you as much and you begin to miss it.  It is all a part of growing up, moving on, and letting go.

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