Warrior Wednesday

Warrior Wednesday – 

Today I wish to blog about a Warrior Princess.
I believe that women need to remember that as daughters of God, they are both princess and warrior… and it is good to be BOTH!

My Warrior Princess is mostly princess and doesn’t always remember that she is a warrior.  My Hannah is fierce and determined.  She fights for her beliefs and her ideas. She loves her family and fights to protect them and to help them.  She is a warrior in training.

She is all Princess too.  She likes pretty dresses and shoes.  She drinks tea while she wears her crown.  She does chores wearing her crown.  She collects teapots and tea cups and saves the flowers she is gifted and dries them on her wall.  This is not to be out done by her collection of sticks mostly named Steve and rocks, un-named.

Hannah knows she is a Princess.  Now I hope she learns just how strong she is as a Warrior.

Originally posted 1 week ago by Wendy Boyack on Resigning as the General Manager of the Universe powered by Blogger.

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