Family Friday

Family Friday- The July Update 

July is a busy month around the Boyack house.  There are a few moments where we try to “chill-ax”…
…like Sunday afternoons watching the grand kids play with the hose.  Ben was pretending to shoot Lillian with a laser (the hose water).  Freya was concerned with the results and rushed to Lillian’s side to rescue her.  John also fixed my hot tub and I have spend several evenings relaxing in the warm water as it beats the stress from my body.
I helped my Thespian kids with a float for the Monmouth/Independence Western Days Parade.
We spent one day gathering props and such, and then finished decorating the trailer we borrowed just before the parade.  Then I drove the parade route as the kids walked along passing out candy and fliers for our Little Actors Camp (in August) and our up coming production season.
It was super fun to win best float of the whole parade… completely surprised my friend Jeff.
Then we headed to the park to perform short little play about the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  It was very warm out there on the concrete stage area.  Meanwhile, my family watched the parade from the S-curves and had a small little barbecue at Kimber and Ray’s house.  The girls went to the fireworks, but John and I were “old folks” and went home and climbed into bed.  We were pretty tired from the work weeks we were having.
Kimber hosted a Lularoe fundraiser to help fund Hannah’s mission and to help her get a couple of cute outfits for her mission.  I’m not real big on shopping, but this time shopping came to me.  My girls got a couple of fun new dresses.
Hannah, Lilli, and I worked/attended every day at CET.
Lilli took a fun video editing class, Super Singers (an advanced choir), and Advanced dance.
She got to sing a solo at the Fine Arts Night, sang in the choir, danced 2 beautiful dances (I was overwhelmed with what a beautiful dancer she is becoming) and performed in the drama, Orphan Train.  She had a very successful CET season.
I taught a mask making class, lighting class and a tech seminar (for older kids) class.
I made these two mask as part of the make making class.  They were used in a 1st year show.  They were the first masks I have ever made.  I love how they turned out!  I also designed and built (with the help of my staff and great volunteers) the sets for all the show (9 shows total), managed the tech budget, and kept the tech end of the production moving.  I have a great staff – 3 other teachers and 3 TAs (high school students who help out).  Without them I wouldn’t be able to survive the 5 weeks of CET.
Hannah taught classes this year too.  She taught a scenic painting class.
This is her last year with CET.  It makes me sad.  She is my one kid who truly understands my love for theatre and tech theatre.  She is patient with the students and with the process.  She is an excellent teacher.  She is a great loss.  I am not sure how I will survive next year without her.  In addition to losing Hannah I will also lose a teacher and a TA who has been with me in Tech Hall for several years. I will deeply miss Thomas Square (they are both named Thomas).
Hannah went to her 2nd NATS Nationals.  This time the competition was in Colorado.  She went with a few people we know from the Salem area.  She didn’t place in the top 4, but the fact that she was one of fourteen from all over the United States and Canada in her division is so impressive.  She is a beautiful singer.  She is prepping for her mission so she won’t be competing for a couple of years.  I hope she is able to find a teacher that will encourage her to compete some more when she returns from her mission.  She can really perform and she has the potential of reaching the hearts of so many through this beautiful gift God has blessed her with.
The best part of July was that Myles, McKay, Leneyah, and Beckett came to visit!
It is good for all of us to all be together for a bit.
Leneyah rearranged the house…
Beckett played in some water…
They got to go to the beach.  McKay hasn’t been to the beach in several years.  It was about time she got to feel the ocean breeze and sand between her toes.
We all got in our cars and went to Bend for the Mabee family reunion.
We were in charge of dinner on the day we arrived.  We told everyone it was a “fancy” dinner.
Grandma Mabee and Hannah made everyone a felt bow tie to wear to the “fancy” dinner.
Some people added a mustache…
… or other facial felt hair.
Myles was the head cook… We made Frog More Stew… the first dinner Myles ever shared with our family when he first met us. He boils red potatoes, corn on the cob cut into 2-3 inch sections, and sausages (we used polish sausages) with some Southern seasoning.  Because we Boyacks are allergic to shrimp, we cooked shrimp in a separate pan, although it is normally all in the same pot.
You drain the boiled food and dump it straight on the table.  Everyone pours their ketchup, mustard of barbecue sauce right on the table.
Everyone was surprised.
Everyone was full…
I made a salad… that is what I ate, plus a couple ears of corn.  We were in charge of dinner the next day too and we made a pasta bar with 2 different sauces and various kinds of pasta noodles.  I also made a cool salad.  I will share the salads on Menu Monday.
We went to Cultus Lake for a day of fun in the sun and water.
Sure brought some memories… going to play with other families, the Careys and the Bonkoskis, when I was a kid.  The big kids would swim out to a dock and the little kids had to stare at them all envious.  I learned to swim in that lake because I wanted to be able to get to that dock.
… when my family stayed in the woods for 6 weeks to log logs for my parents log home, my mom would bring us to the lake and send us into the water in out clothes and a bar of soap.  After soaping up and rinsing off, we would give our clothes to my mom who would hang them to dry and we would get to swim a bit more.  It was a welcome change to the dusty, hot work we faced at the log camp.
The cousins stacked rocks…
… cooled off in the mountain lake water…
splashed and played games…
Jennifer divided us all into teams to make a boat for a small person out of 4 milk jugs, 2 large trash bags, a card board box, and a roll of duct tape.
Not all teams were successful.  The biggest issue was the card board box would get soaked and the “boat” would sink.
Lilli, Anna and I were on a team with my dad.  We got our boat to float AND Ben was able to paddle around a bit.  We win!
Ben thought it was pretty fun.
Lilli and I left early.  I needed to go back to work.  The rest of the family went to the Deschutes County Fair.
They went on a few rides and ate fair food…
They saw the animals…
… and watched the rodeo.
They wrapped up the Family Reunion by participating in a fund raising walk around the Cascade Lakes drive for charity.  John and Grandma Mabee worked the race as volunteers in the middle of the night.  My siblings, sister-in-law, brother-in-law and nephews walked and walked.  They may still be walking now!  (They got first place in their division and 2nd over all.   It was a great way to celebrate Anna’s birthday.  She organized the whole thing and with everyone’s help she was able to do something she loves on her birthday!) The little cousin made lunch for the homeless.  I’d say it was pretty cool to finish up the family activities in service to others!
This week we also celebrated Chad!  His birthday was August 2.
We didn’t get to talk to him, but a nice lady in the ward he is serving in keeps sending me pictures of his service in Michigan.
He seems to be having a great experience in his current area.
His quirky personality is serving him well as he shares the gospel message with others.
He miss him but we know he is where he needs to be right now.
He is amazing… and hilarious… and growing in many ways.
We are excited to see him in December for a few weeks before he heads off for college adventures in Utah.
Well… that was what happened in July, plus 1 week of August.  Family Friday is a great way to relive the great moments we share as a family!

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