Family Friday

April Showers

We have been on over drive with busy these past two weeks. We began April with a bang! The week started with a recruiting concert for all the 5th graders in the district. The middle school and high school bands and choirs get together to do a concert for the 5th graders attempting to get… Continue reading April Showers

Family Friday

Yet Another Week Gets Away From Me

What a week! John was gone the whole week in San Diego for business. It looks like he some some cool things when he wasn't in the office. Funny thing, we had better weather here than he had in San Diego. Lilli and I stayed busy with concerts and school. On Monday I worked a… Continue reading Yet Another Week Gets Away From Me

Family Friday

Family Report

It's been a busy, yet successful week. Lilli and I may have finished the play and the wild schedule that comes with rehearsing and performing in a production, but I started into concert and event mode. I had 8th grade forecasting meetings, a district choir concert, Academic All Stars, and the Democratic Party of Oregon… Continue reading Family Report

Family Friday

Wrapping up the Week by Wrapping up the Play

Well... this week we wrapped up the production of Fiddler on the Roof. Lilli was a trouper. Not only did she perform on stage, she helped me with multiple old age makeup recipients while I got 12-15 young men into fake beards. I am grateful she is a willing helper. AND that she is skilled… Continue reading Wrapping up the Week by Wrapping up the Play

Family Friday

Marching into March

Well... we got our Snow Day... two of them. It wasn't very much snow, but it was icy and by the time the roads would have cleared, it wouldn't have been worth having school. Thus, we didn't have school on Monday and we didn't have school on Wednesday. I relish a good snow day because… Continue reading Marching into March

Family Friday

Wrapping up February

Most of February has been consumed with rehearsals for Fiddler on the Roof. I worked extra hard to get all my tech pieces together because McKay's baby could come any minute and I needed the show to able to move on whether I was there calling the shots or not. I really like how the… Continue reading Wrapping up February

Family Friday

Catching up on the Family Report

It's been a few weeks since I've had the time to catch up on family activities. Trust me... we are busy. Kimber and Ray and the kids are still living at our house. They are busy little people. Holland is getting his teeth... all at once! Poor guy. Freya loves going to pre-school several times… Continue reading Catching up on the Family Report

Family Friday

Busting into 2019

Okay... I am not doing a good job of reporting how things have been going in 2019 thus far. I should repent of that. I will do my best to catch up and then stay on top of it from now on. Well... I will at least try. John was gone for the beginning of… Continue reading Busting into 2019

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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 45 and Day 46

Yesterday was another super busy day, starting at the crack of dawn and ending long after the sun went down. Things I found myself so grateful for yesterday: A job. It may have been a long day, but it was a good day doing the things I love to do. My friend bought my daughter… Continue reading Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 45 and Day 46

Family Friday

Ending a Whirlwind Year

We ended 2018 with a bang! Tons of work. Tons of performances. McKay and family moving to Salem. Christmas. John going back to Logan to work for a long 2 week assignment... and illness. We had several dance performance roll through the auditorium. Lillian's friend Ethan learned the light board for one performance because Lilli… Continue reading Ending a Whirlwind Year