I believe

yup. I believe.

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I believe it’s God’s
To change your life
In a great way;
I believe
God can do and undo
For you;
I believe
He wants
You to succeed in grand style;
I believe
He loves you,
And wants you to be
What you desire to be.
I believe
If you work hard
And do not surrender,
You will make it big
I believe;
I really believe
In a future
That is bright for you.

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Casting Stones

This is a great read! Happy Sabbath, friends!

A Spiritual Perspective

go-and-sin-no-more-2015-01-01One day while Christ was at the temple teaching, the scribes and Pharisees brought a woman to Him who had been taken in adultery. They demanded that the woman be stoned. The Savior answered them and said, “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her” (John 8:7). Her accusers, after realizing how wrong they were, abandoned their accusation against her and left her alone with the Savior. He, having been kneeling upon the ground at that point, “lifted up himself,” and asked her about her accusers. When she told the Lord there were none left to condemn her, He told her that He did not condemn her either. She was shown mercy and commanded to sin no more (John 8:1-11).

All around us, people are casting stones, including you and me. Why do we do this? Why do we…

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Wrapping up September with Plant Power

I am re-posting this blog because I lost my connection to Facebook.

Resigning as the General Manager of the Universe

People still look at me funny when I say I choose not to eat meat.; that I do eat an occasional egg and have even had a little yogurt or cheese here and there.  However, as a whole, I just stay away from animal products… and I feel better.  My skin, hair and nails look better.  Although my back is a little sore from all the heavy work I’ve been doing, my joints and muscles are doing well with the work load I am throwing at them.  I can even get off the floor now, something I couldn’t do in the past, when I need to work down low.  I attribute this energy I feel, and all of my improved health to my plant powered lifestyle.


Last week was a busy week.  I don’t know why I always report that because busy is a norm for me.  It was busy…

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LOVE is the Higher Law.

I am re-posting this because I lost my connection to Facebook.

Resigning as the General Manager of the Universe

This past week I answered a question for my missionary daughter about the living a higher law.

I gave it a ton of thought before I answered her.  I decided that living the higher law comes down to the two great commandments… Loving God and Loving your neighbor.  We are living the higher law when make these two commandments our standard to live by.Love-in-the-Bible

Living by the Spirit is a part of living the higher law.  If we put traditions and rules above seeking personal revelation, we may be missing the point of the higher law.  Sometimes people get hung up on “what is mentioned as a sin.”  It is simple.  Anything that separate us from God is a sin, whether it is mentioned in a conference talk as a commandment, a scripture, a pamphlet or some policy manual.  If doing the action leads us away from God, away from the…

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Sun Dried Tomato and Kale Spaghetti Squash

This was a quick and yummy meal.  Within 30 minutes we had some dinner.  I like when an idea works out like that. Ingredients 1 medium sized spaghetti squash 1 small head of kale, chopped 1 T olive oil 1/2 c sun-dried tomatoes, chopped (drain them if they are in a jar) 1/2 c sun-dried… Continue reading Sun Dried Tomato and Kale Spaghetti Squash


Warriors Rack up Tiny Deeds

Resigning as the General Manager of the Universe

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted, AesopA series of seemingly small but incorrect choices can become those little soul-destroying termites that eat away at the foundations of our testimony until, before we are aware, we may be brought near to spiritual and moral destruction.  In the similar way, small acts of kindness, the tiny deeds of Christian service, the silent but significant efforts to control our thoughts and feelings – these are the simple things that build character and shape human destiny everlastingly.

Is our journey sometimes impeded when we forget the importance of small and simple things?  We need to have family and personal prayers; study the scriptures, particularly the Book of Mormon; hold family home evenings; follow the admonition of the Savior to love one another, and be thoughtful, kind, and gentle with family.  Through these and other similar small and simple things, we have the promise that our lives will be filled with…

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First Important Lesson – I am a Child of God

Today I want to scream this lesson from the roof tops. I want to pound it into the hearts and minds of every child. Our choices in life would be some different if we remembered this simple lesson… I AM A CHILD OF GOD!

Resigning as the General Manager of the Universe

When my children were little… and fussy… and worried… and anxious… I’d hum a little tune that always made them feel better.

As small children their sweet little souls knew it and believed it with great fervor!

“Lead me, guide me, walk beside me…”

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“I am a child of God” is the first religious lesson I teach my children.  I teach them that He know them.  He loves them.  He wants what’s best for them.  He wants them to be happy.

I’ve been more aware of an alarming trend in children and teens around me.  They have forgotten the simple truths of this sweet tune.

What is it about mortality that makes us sometimes forget who we are?  Why do we tend to place our worth upon material things, instead of living like children of God?  Why do we buy the lie that we are not worth it.

So many…

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