Scripture Sunday

Parental Love

I've been pondering the concept of parental love of a "goodly" parent for the last couple of months. I am learning more and more from day to day that the love of a parent for a child is the most profound because it lasts more than a life time. It lasts for an eternity. It… Continue reading Parental Love

Scripture Sunday

I Will Praise Thee Forever

Today my heart is overwhelmed with awe and thanks giving because of the greatness of God. I am inspired by the song, How Great Thou Art.  A young Swedish minister, Reverend Carl Boberg of Monsteras, walked two miles along the southeast coast of Sweden in the rain and then was inspired to pen the words… Continue reading I Will Praise Thee Forever

Thought Tuesday

Lifting the Poor Wayfaring Men of Grief

As we were leaving a Walmart parking lot yesterday, I rolled down my car window and gave a dollar to a homeless man on the corner. He grabbed my hand and genuinely thanked me for the dollar, but asked if I had anything for a headache. It was so hot outside. No wonder he had… Continue reading Lifting the Poor Wayfaring Men of Grief

Warrior Wednesday

Warrior Woman Spirit

I speak to so many people who don't believe in their own abilities... their abilities to succeed... their abilities to be happy... their abilities to weather the storms of life.  I even doubt myself on occasions.  You know, when life gets overwhelming. I worry about my warrior daughters.  I worry about my warrior friends.  I… Continue reading Warrior Woman Spirit

Warrior Wednesday

Warriors are Givers

Warriors are givers. Givers seek out ways to be helpful and give to others. Takers focus on getting as much as possible from everyone around them.  A Giver is always looking for ways they can be of assistance to others.  A Taker is always trying to figure out what they can get out of any… Continue reading Warriors are Givers

Family Friday

April Birthdays!

Okay... my month has been crazy and I missed blogging about the birthday boy.  This month John passes the big 5-0 and moves on to the big 5-1.  Dude... you are so old.  Well... at least that is what the kids would say. LOL.  He is always striving to get out of his comfort zone. … Continue reading April Birthdays!

Thought Tuesday, Warrior Wednesday

A Warrior’s Personal Power

Have you ever noticed that some people seem to never be down, never get discouraged, and always seem to be in charge of their life?  I wonder why these people have such a positive, uplifting vibe and others don't.  I recognize that we all positive and negative thoughts and moods.  I am learning that there… Continue reading A Warrior’s Personal Power

Scripture Sunday

Celebrating the Great Life Giver

Many years ago I learned of the heroic efforts of Oscar Schindler, a compassionate man who attempted to rescue a doomed race of people.  Schindler made large amounts of money in his factory in Krakow Poland providing enamel-ware for the Germans.  He used that money to buy the lives of hundreds of defenseless Jews.  To… Continue reading Celebrating the Great Life Giver

Scripture Sunday

Aspects of Love

We celebrated love this week with Valentine's Day.  It's got me thinking more about all of the aspects of love.  I looked at an old blog post I posted many years ago and decided to give it a face lift... adding a little here and there from a few more years of experience. One of… Continue reading Aspects of Love