Family Friday

April Birthdays!

Okay… my month has been crazy and I missed blogging about the birthday boy.  This month John passes the big 5-0 and moves on to the big 5-1.  Dude… you are so old.  Well… at least that is what the kids would say. LOL.  He is always striving to get out of his comfort zone.  He is working on fitness by “training” to do a big hike this summer.  He love his “power tools.”

He does have a funny sense of fashion.  Seriously, I’m not sure if he should go further out side the comfort zone here.  LOL.

He adores his kids and love to hang out with them.  He loves to play with his grand kids too!  I’d say he is aging pretty well for an old guy.  Life would be boring without his goofy ways!

This week celebrated Lillian.  She turned 15 yesterday.  She gets her goofiness from her dad.  That’s for sure.  She is proof that God works miracles.  I fasted and prayed for her to come to our family for five years.  She isn’t too happy about those 5 years now that all of her siblings have moved out and she is left alone with two old and tired parents.  LOL.

She is a talented performer.  I love to watch her dance.  This week she will performing at the Mr and Ms Central Pageant.  She is helping one of the seniors with his talent and she do all the choreography for the show as well.  She is amazing.  Today one of the pageant coordinators told me all about how she thought Lilli was an amazing artist and a great teacher.  She said she doesn’t start things now.  She waits for Lilli to do it because she is so good at getting people to follow her.  Yesterday we went for new ballet shoes and the sales woman kept commenting on her feet and her form.  She is only 15.  We have 3 more years until college.  Maybe these talents of her can help pay for college.  🙂

She loves to hang out with her friends.  She is a good friend. She is smart.  She is loyal.  She speaks her mind.  She is creative.

But she likes to hang out with her siblings best.  She especially misses her sister, Hannah.

She is growing up to be a beautiful girl.  It is an honor to be her mom.

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