#bethelight – Day 158

Today is my youngest daughter Lillian’s birthday.  Today I spread kindness by celebrating her.  We Started the day early at the Orthodontist.  After she got her braces checked and the bands traded for bright blue, we headed up north to the Portland area.

Second stop of the day was Lillian’s Disneyland.  I have never seen such a happy kid.  We walked out with 5 more books for her and hours of endless reading… and chore distractions. 🙂

Next, we headed west.

We stopped at a special dance store for a new pair of point shoes.  The lady who fit the shoes was super funny.  She kept acting all impressed with Lillian’s’ feet.  She said she was a beautiful dancer with beautiful form.  I couldn’t agree more.

Then, we continued our journey west.

We stopped in Forest Grove to have lunch with dad.  He took us to McMinemin’s. Lillian chose Mac and Cheese.  I guess my vegan/vegetarian lifestyle is not what she was hoping for.

After lunch we headed south.  We stopped in McMinville at a Walmart to get a shirt and socks Lillian needed for a performance tomorrow.  We also found a couple cute shirts on the sales rack.

Finally, we headed home.  The rest of the day I let Lillian read.  I think she feels like it was the perfect way to spend her birthday.

You may not understand how much of an act of kindness this was… but it was.  I hate shopping.  She loves shopping.  This was what she wanted for her birthday.  You got it kid!  Love you to pieces!

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