Menu Monday

Bombed that Week!

OKay... my busy week got away from me.  I did not make the wisest choices.  I ate potato chips more than once and I ate some onion rings.  Here's the thing... my husband was gone on business all week and I didn't have time to shop or to prep.  On potato chip day, it was… Continue reading Bombed that Week!

Family Friday

Phew! I Made It to the End of the Whirlwind

Phew!  Is right!  This past week has been nuts!  I hardly made it home... dishes piled up... I have no clean clothes... the weeds are taller than the tomatoes... the grass is unruly... there are no healthy foods in the house...  That's right... this past week was the last LONG week of CET. I worked… Continue reading Phew! I Made It to the End of the Whirlwind


#bethelight – Day 260, 261, 263, 264

Wow!  I made it to the end of the most exhausting week of my year.  Kind acts kept me going... people carrying things for me... my daughter helping me down stairs when my knees couldn't do it again... my friend loaning me a trailer... the same friend coming to my biggest strike and collecting all… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 260, 261, 263, 264


#bethelight – Day 259

Holy Smokes! It's HOT! More than once I have needed to put my head in the sink and soak myself. I ran out of my blood pressure meds and have not been able to leave work and get to the pharmacy when they are open. You combine that with the heat and I feel extra… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 259

Thought Tuesday

Be kind to yourself

Today I just want to share a quote that impressed me. "One of the great tragedies of life, it seems to me, is when a person classifies himself as someone who has no talents or gifts.  When, in disgust or discouragement, we allow ourselves to reach depressive levels of despair because of our demeaning self-appraisal,… Continue reading Be kind to yourself


#bethelight – Day 258

Today I worked hard.  At the end of the day I realized I hadn't brought dinner for Lilli.  I found a moment to buy her some dinner.  She is a good kid and noticed I was struggling to get to the end of my day.  So she jumped in and started helping.  She carried boxes… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 258

Menu Monday

Struggling to Keep the Plants Healthy Plant Food

Snap!  It is hard to keep up good eating habits when I am NEVER home!  As a result I end up grabbing things I know are not the most helpful.  But I do what I can and sadly, feel frustrated that I don't have time for better choices. Monday I ate a lasagna I made… Continue reading Struggling to Keep the Plants Healthy Plant Food


#bethelight – Day 255

Long day... and still more to go.  My kind act of the day is to take my teenager to the movies at 10pm.  I'm tired, so it is a little bit of a sacrifice.  However, got to make memories where you can and while you can.  In some ways, we are all each other has. … Continue reading #bethelight – Day 255