Menu Monday

Struggling to Keep the Plants Healthy Plant Food

Snap!  It is hard to keep up good eating habits when I am NEVER home!  As a result I end up grabbing things I know are not the most helpful.  But I do what I can and sadly, feel frustrated that I don’t have time for better choices.

Monday I ate a lasagna I made with vegan raviolis.  I also ate a salad with vegan sausage, a few peanut butter and Ritz cracker sandwiches, a almond milk, sugar free blended chai tea, and a piece of french bread with pesto.


Tuesday I ate the last of the Lentils with veggies in Peanut Sauce I made the week before.  I also ate a large salad with lettuce from my garden, pickled veggies and a few pretzels, and a couple Ritz crackers with vegan cream cheese.


Wednesday I ate a large salad with berries from my garden, a few pretzels, beets and olives for lunch.  For dinner I ate a veggie burrito and a couple of corn chips.


Thursday I ate more of the lasagna I made with a salad for lunch with a couple pretzels and banana chips.  I made a tofu with bok choy stir fry and a piece of whole grain toast with honey for dinner.


Friday I ate left over tofu stuff and cherries for lunch.  I ate a veggie burrito for dinner.


Saturday I was still crazy busy.  I ate a bowl full of berries and hummus with pita chips for lunch.  I made a pasta salad with tons of veggies and vegan sausage for dinner.


I made Sunday my day to eat some animal product.  I haven’t had meat for 8 or 9 months.  My doctor said I should eat a little here and there and since he is who got me onto this Eat to Live/End of Dieting way of life, I knew I should throw it in, even if I wasn’t looking forward to it.  For lunch I made a strata with eggs from my chickens, kale, onions and hot peppers from my garden and vegan cheese for lunch.  I also had a few pita chips.  I had some fish given to me, so I breaded it (to get my family to eat it) and baked it.  I steamed some broccoli and asparagus as well.  Oh… and I added some couscous.  Just as I thought, my tummy hurt, but I did okay today, so it wasn’t an all together bad idea. However, I don’t think I want to eat meat again soon.


What I have learned through this experience of over busy is that a plant based eating life style also needs a more laid back life style in general.  I need to find some ways to cut things out of my life… but how?  Much of what I do I need to do for the time being.

Next week my life slows down a little and I plan on making a kitchen face lift.  I think that will help!

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