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Starting Again

Restarting my commitment today. You see... the production of Mamma Mia consumed my life.  I was luck to get energy for something, sometime during the day.  I didn't exactly go crazy.  I just wasn't as mindful as I should have been, and had been in past year.  I still was eating a plant based diet. … Continue reading Starting Again

Menu Monday

Struggling to Keep the Plants Healthy Plant Food

Snap!  It is hard to keep up good eating habits when I am NEVER home!  As a result I end up grabbing things I know are not the most helpful.  But I do what I can and sadly, feel frustrated that I don't have time for better choices. Monday I ate a lasagna I made… Continue reading Struggling to Keep the Plants Healthy Plant Food

Menu Monday

Week 4 of Intermittent Fasting and 60 Week’s as a Nutritiarian

Is this a habit yet. Actually... no. Everyday I make a choice. Some days the choices aren't as good as other days. There are those busy days where a lack of planning bites you, or those days you attend a party and the best you can do is to eat a piece of cheese pizza… Continue reading Week 4 of Intermittent Fasting and 60 Week’s as a Nutritiarian

Satisfaction Saturday

Satisfied with Network Spinal Analysis

Several years ago I had my first experience with Network Spinal Analysis Care.  I was in great pain and could not move my head and neck.  Nothing I tried worked.  We did not have insurance that would help pay for chiropractic care, but I was desperate!  It was a holiday weekend.  Most people were available… Continue reading Satisfied with Network Spinal Analysis

Menu Monday

Trying Something New to Get Ogg This Stale Mate

This past week I tried "intermittant fasting." I went with the 16:8 theory for this first time trying out this new craze. You may be asking, "why do this now?" Well... I've been in a rut. My health progress has been stale. I've been hoovering at the same weight for about 3 months. I was… Continue reading Trying Something New to Get Ogg This Stale Mate

Satisfaction Saturday

Satisfied with letting Go at InnerFocus

For the past couple of months I have been meeting with my friend Sherry on reducing the effects of stress in my life.  It's been life changing. See... I had come to a point in my journey were I felt stuck. I needed something to jump start my inner change to support the outer changes… Continue reading Satisfied with letting Go at InnerFocus

Menu Monday

Menu Monday – Still Waiting for Variety

My life is still so fast paced that I haven't been adventurous with food.  I haven't even taken pictures of what I am eating. I will do better this coming week. Again, I ate veggies or a smoothie for breakfast. Again, I had a salad or soup for lunch. I made Asparagus and Sunny Side up… Continue reading Menu Monday – Still Waiting for Variety

Scripture Sunday

I Stand All Amazed

My heart is heavy.  There has been much distress around me - from the news to people I am acquainted with, that shocks and saddens me.  In times of great distress I turn music that uplifts my soul.  Today I was searching for that one song that could enlighten my mind and came across...… Continue reading I Stand All Amazed

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It’s not a Diet… It’s a Lifestyle

It's been a busy week.  I didn't get pictures of any of the food I ate, but rest assured that I have been successful in my Eat to Live goals. Fast food and crap food avoided.  I survived because this week my husband was willing to do the prep work, and a good friend brought… Continue reading It’s not a Diet… It’s a Lifestyle

Thought Tuesday

Let It Go

I admit, I am a rather guarded person.  As a teen I dressed like a bruise wearing only black, purple, green, and white.  I did my best to avoid being vulnerable.  The trouble is, you can't hide yourself from being vulnerable.  Painful experiences happen. The key to happiness is letting them go.  Holding on to… Continue reading Let It Go