Scripture Sunday

Breaking Free of the “Self-Pity Party” – Thoughts on Forgiveness

This week I was watching the Hallmark Channel series The Good Witch and I heard this quote, "Hate traps you in the past." This quote led me to ponder forgiveness for several days. I think that forgiveness is often a misunderstood principle. This is usually the case when we are in need of forgiving an… Continue reading Breaking Free of the “Self-Pity Party” – Thoughts on Forgiveness

Warrior Wednesday

A Warrior Continues to Forgive

Once upon a time I thought that forgiveness indicated that whatever action a person did was acceptable.  This thought made forgiveness hard.  As I gain more understanding and wisdom, I realize that this is not forgiveness.  I am discovering that forgiveness is letting go.  Forgiving is an ongoing practice for me. A warrior forgives because… Continue reading A Warrior Continues to Forgive

Warrior Wednesday

A Warrior Forgives

  A Warrior forgives. Many believe that forgiveness is a sign of weakness.  Anyone who has truly forgive knows that is wrong.  Forgiveness takes great courage and strength.  Revenge is the sign of weakness. There is power in forgiveness. I have been hurt.  I have hurt others.  I have lost.  I have done stupid things.… Continue reading A Warrior Forgives