Warrior Wednesday

A Warrior Forgives



A Warrior forgives.

Many believe that forgiveness is a sign of weakness.  Anyone who has truly forgive knows that is wrong.  Forgiveness takes great courage and strength.  Revenge is the sign of weakness.


There is power in forgiveness.

I have been hurt.  I have hurt others.  I have lost.  I have done stupid things.  I have had awful things done to me.  However, I am learning that focusing on the past and holding on to anger and hurt was not serving me.  The answer is and always was, forgiveness.


To forgive is not giving permission for the wrong. To forgive it to let go and allow a high power, God, to carry the load.  To forgive is to allow the Judge to do His job and to TRUST that He has the power to make all things right.   Fear of letting someone “off the hook, ” fear of being hurt again in the future, fear you might need to change, fear of appearing weak, all holds a person back from forgiving.  Fear may seem rational, but it is stopping you from leading a loving , happy, peaceful life.


A Warrior forgives.

To experience true happiness, relief, and true well-being, we must practice forgiveness.

Forgiveness takes practice. As life moves forward it brings new experiences and new ways to trip up or to be hurt.  Each life experience is a chance to grow and become more forgiving, more loving and more open to the good life offers.  Each time a need for forgiveness arises, send it love.  Through love we can forgive.


When you hold anger and hurt, it doesn’t serve you; it doesn’t assist you.  Next time a pang of jealousy, anger, or annoyance rises, forgive yourself and let it go.  Forgiveness is an act of self-love.

Forgiveness is one of the best thing you can do for yourself.  It can free you, eradicate anger over time, and leave you open to receive all the wonderful things God places in your life. Learning to forgive helps you to feel lighter than air… as anger can no longer weigh you down and hold you back.  Painful feelings and memories may come up, but the rewards that follow forgiveness far outweigh the temporary negatives.  Open to the possibilities.


I have heard people say that holding a grudge is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die. TRUTH.  Why would you keep hurting yourself?

I may not be able to “frankly forgive”… yet.  but I am working on it.

A Warrior lets go and forgives.


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