Warrior Wednesday

A Warrior Works to Do What is Right

I have been obsessing over this thought in recent days.  I think it is because I am finding it harder and harder to find fellow warriors.  I mainly see soldiers… people who drift along with the crowd.


A Warrior WORKS hard.

Sadly, I am seeing a generation of lemmings… little soldiers matching around being told what to do by society and greed.  I see people more swayed by public opinion then by personal integrity.  I see people who aren’t even at soldier status and who refuse to do as instructed because they have been raised to think they “deserve” a lot of stuff should just be given to them.  Talent included.  Success included.  Paychecks included.  After all, we have created a culture in America where everyone is a winner, everyone deserves the best and no one should do without… even if they don’t want to do a thing to earn it.

A Warrior WORKS hard.  A Warrior is not a slacker.

A Warrior CHOOSES to stand for the right even when they are ridiculed for their strength to stand against the current.

A Warrior has LEARNED, through experience, what to do in any given situation.

Perhaps the lack of work ethic I am observing is due to a lack of life lessons learned. I have learned that nothing happens without effort.  No matter how tired I am, no matter how frustrated I am, I have learned that I must push through in order to get a product I am proud of, in order to be satisfied with a job well done.  I don’t believe that a “job well done” is the responsibility of the view or the user.  It is mine and I work until I have blisters to do my best in everything I do.

… but sometimes I stand alone in my efforts.

A Warrior already knows what to do and WORKS to do what is right!

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