Warrior Wednesday

Creating a Warrior

warriors are made

I am not too sure how I feel about this statement.  I do think it is true. It is through our mistakes and the things we learning life that we develop into the warrior we are meant to be.  So… I think we are born to be warriors… we just forgot.

It takes so much work to live a warrior lifestyle.  We make mistakes.  We fall short.  Well… at least I do.  What is most important is that I keep trying.  I don’t quit.  I keep trying to improve myself… keep working on developing my character.

I read somewhere that Confucius stated he wasn’t born with the knowledge he had.  He had to work for it.  I guess that is like building a warrior character.  A warrior character develops over time.  It develops through trial and error.  It develops through hard work.

A warrior lifestyle is a choice.

I am victorious as a conquer my shortcomings… as I overcome my mistakes… as I repent and move forward.  Every time I resist temptation… I win.

A Warrior creates herself!

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