Family Friday

Family Adventures

The last couple of weeks have kept us all busy... very busy.  Lilli goes to school (something she isn't always thrilled with), Hannah reads tons and goes to work at Jamba Juice, I go to the high school to help with class and to work on Addams Family, and John has been working late working… Continue reading Family Adventures

Theatre Thursday

Correcting Corrective

Theatre artists all find it necessary to begin their work from a neutral foundation.  Actors find a neutral, unaffected voice and posture as the build a character.  Costume designers start each rendering with a neutral figure so that they can illustrate clothes for a character.  Lighting designers use neutral colors (amber and blue) to create… Continue reading Correcting Corrective


Singing and Dancing in the Rain

Now, more than ever, the message of “good to all,” “choose to be happy” and “be the difference” needs to be shouted from the roof tops!

Resigning as the General Manager of the Universe

It is often said that we crave for things that we don’t have… it’s part of our human psyche.

I grew up in the high desert in central Oregon.  Rain was not common there.  Summers would bring impressive thunderstorms. The air would smell fresher.  The dust would settle.  The high desert refreshed with a cool drink of heavenly rain.  Now I live in western Oregon.  The rains of western Oregon keep the fields green and the forests alive and flourishing.  It rains… but not as much as you might think.

This year has been a long dry summer.  The parched forests and valleys are showing the evidence of the lack of moisture.  Fire season has been brutal here in the west.  We crave rain.

Beloved monumental forests are being devoured by raging fires, some started with natural causes, some started by the actions of careless humans.  The picturesque Gorge, the…

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Warrior Wednesday

Be the Storm!

A Warrior is the STORM! You are in control of your destiny.  YOU CHOOSE! Be the storm that carries your will, not the person caught in the storm. A Warrior weaves a path through life, makes good decisions, has a ton of fun, and kicks up one heck of a racket while doing it. A… Continue reading Be the Storm!

Thought Tuesday

Bizz with Lizz

Today I'm going to put a "shout out" to one of my students.  This students is one of the shiest, quietest students in the classes I help with.  She takes voice lessons with me, yet is afraid to sing in front of people.  Yesterday I was introduced to her "rants."  I have to say I… Continue reading Bizz with Lizz

Thought Tuesday

Guilty as Charged

  "You can't do something telling someone you love them."  My mom told me that today. I love you... just 3 little words that hold such value. I love you... a message that can turn the tide. I love you ... with power to make bonds stronger. How can these 3 words be so powerful,… Continue reading Guilty as Charged

Menu Monday

Soup is on the Menu

It's been a busy week.  I am discovering that I really loving vegetables for breakfast.  The veggies I saute in the morning include zucchini, mushrooms, onions, summer yellow squash, asparagus, green beans and tomatoes.  Every morning I mix up a different combination and cook them in my copper no stick pan.  My favorite from last… Continue reading Soup is on the Menu


Wendy’s Vegan Kielbsa and Cabbage

Servings: 4-6 Prep time: 8-10 minutes Cook time: 13-15 minutes Ingredients: 14 oz vegan sausage (I found some in the vegetable section of my local store) 1 medium onion, chopped 2 cloves garlic, minced 1 small zucchini, sliced thin 1 carrot, grated 1 average head of cabbage, chopped Directions: Cut the sausage into thick round… Continue reading Wendy’s Vegan Kielbsa and Cabbage


Slow Cooker Black Bean Soup

Servings: 8-10  Prep time: 15 minutes Cook time: 6 hours Ingredients 2 cloves garlic 1 medium onion, chopped 2 stalks celery, chopped 2 medium carrots, chopped 1 lbs dry black beans 2 c salsa (I use my home canned salsa) 1 Tbs chili powder 2 tsp cumin 1 tsp oregano 4 c vegetable broth 2… Continue reading Slow Cooker Black Bean Soup


Hannah’s Roasted Tomato and Bell Pepper Soup

Serves 6-8 Prep time: 15 minutes Cook time: 1 hour Ingredients 4-5 lbs. tomatoes 6-7 cloves garlic 2 medium yellow onion 4-5 bell peppers pinch of Himalayan pink salt black pepper to taste 1 tsp thyme leaves (other garden vegetables are optional) Directions preheat the oven to 400 degrees Cut the tomatoes in half, the… Continue reading Hannah’s Roasted Tomato and Bell Pepper Soup