Thought Tuesday

Bizz with Lizz

Today I’m going to put a “shout out” to one of my students.  This students is one of the shiest, quietest students in the classes I help with.  She takes voice lessons with me, yet is afraid to sing in front of people.  Yesterday I was introduced to her “rants.”  I have to say I rarely have laughed so hard.  I think she has a future in comedy.  Take a peek!

LOL.  I feel her!  Not that I want to know all the gossip, but I stopped what I was doing to listen and then get dismissed!

I guess I need to come up with joke… really bad ones and then laugh at myself for 10 minutes.

These Choir rants are so funny!

I have to admit I’ve felt this one.

My favorite ones are not on Youtube yet.  I don’t have a Snapchat and I don’t know how that even works, (yes, I’m one of those teachers that is 50 or 60 Lizz), but I think this kid needs a following.  She is funny.  She speaks the things that kids feel and want to hear.  She has potenial of paying for college just by ranting.  I’d say, “follow her on Snapchat,” if I knew how.  For know follow her on Youtube and hopefully she will get more of her awesome rants up for the world.  She NEEDS to go viral!



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