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Keeping My Flame of Faith Alive and Well

I am sure thousands of books have been written, and thousands of talks have been given addressing the principle of faith.  Faith is a topic I feel we are all trying to understand, comprehend and gain a perfect knowledge of… what more could I truly add?  And yet, I find myself compelled to address the principle of faith again and again.  Perhaps growing my faith is an ongoing project… one that will never end.

Having a strong faith in Christ should be an important goal in this life.  Faith is the one thing that you can obtain that can get you through just about any situation.  Faith gives you confidence.

Faith is believing that God is going to take you places before you even get there.

Faith is like a seed… once planted in your heart and in your mind, it will grow and flourish with care and nourishment.

Colossians 2:7 reminds us that we must be rooted in our faith in Jesus Christ.  It reminds us that our faith will grow as we seek and learn truth and express thanks for the lessons the Spirit teaches and the blessing God showers us with.

Growing faith in Christ is a process.

How do we grow our faith in Christ?


Feed your faith… FEAST on the Words of Christ!  Feasting on the words of Christ leaves you with answers.  The scriptures, the words of the prophets is like food that nourishes the soul.  Faith is activated by the Word and when we begin to put the Word to the test… acting on what we have read and learned.

John 14:26 states, “But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.”

Reading the scriptures allows the Holy Ghost to bring to our remembrance exactly what we need to do.

Faith comes by hearing and then applying the Word of God.

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Exercise your faith… by your ACTIONS!

Remember, what you choose to do in this life is a reflection of you have learned.  My greatest desire is to reflect my Savior.  I want people to “see [my] good works…” and then be motivated to “glorify [our] Father who art in heaven.”  I want my light to perfectly reflect His light… but that takes work.

Faith is an action.  It must be an action or it will be inactive… dormant or even lost.

“Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.” John 2:17

Repentance is an action of faith that turns you around and rebuilds your relationship with Christ.

Loving God and loving your neighbor is an ACT of FAITH.  I find that it is often easy to love God who I have not seen, but hard to love my fellow beings.  Then I remember.  God reveals himself to me through His people, His love, His SON.  Loving others is and act of faith that builds faith.  Service is an act of faith.

Trusting God is faith in action.  Believe that God can not lie.

Pondering the word of God is an act of faith.  Pondering often reveals how to act.

Praying is an act of faith.  The daily habit of prayer builds our faith as we feel connected to God in daily communication.

Attending church meetings is an act of faith.  Studying the scriptures and the words of the prophets with others lifts and edifies our faith in Christ.

Forgiveness is an act of faith.  Holding grudges or holding onto things that are out your control stifles faith.  Let go.  Forgiveness on our part is not giving permission.  Forgiveness is letting Christ carry the burden, no longer desiring to carry the burden of judgement and punishment.  Forgiveness is trusting Christ and letting Him work miracles in your life.

SPEAK!  Sharing your testimony of Jesus Christ makes your faith grow.

When your favorite athlete does something cool… we talk about it.  When your favorite team wins the big game… we brag about it.  When we get recognized at work or at school… we tell others all about it.  We brag about our kids, pets, new stuff… the list goes on and on.  How many times are we willing to brag about our God?  Remember, we are instructed to “talk of Christ… that our children [and our friends and neighbors] may know…” of our faith in Christ.


Replace fear with FAITH!

I read once, “Feed your faith and starve your doubts.”  Doubt and fear can live in the same space as faith.

Many people understand the verse, James 1:5 that encourages to ASK when we have a question regarding our faith.  The verse reminds us that God doesn’t hold back. He gives answers to everyone that asks.   He doesn’t hold back.    But answers come to those who work, who exercise their faith.

James 1:7 “But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering (no hesitating, no doubting). For he that wavereth (hesitates, doubts) is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed.”

Believe!  Never let fear of the unknown prevent you from doing what appears at first to be impossible.  All things are possible with God.

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