Forward Steps

What motivates you?

Honestly, I am tired and struggling to find the motivation to write this blog post. However, I committed this morning to be better today at motivating and inspiring myself to improve... so I am soldering on. Motivation is what drives a person to make things happen. I find that make goal that are achievable, make… Continue reading What motivates you?

Warrior Wednesday

A Warrior is Victorious Over Self

True!  When we put off the natural man and become Warriors we are victorious.  There is no true victory until re learn to embrace who we truly are and put on the armor of God.  There is no true victory until we put aside selfishness and pick up selflessness A Warrior is victorious over self!

Warrior Wednesday

Warriors are Willing to Row

I came across this proverb and it rang true with me. I am learning that when something worthwhile is not coming easy for me, like most things, I can't panic.  It's all part of the plan.  In fact, I am learning that pretty much nothing comes easy.  It is not meant to be easy.  Most… Continue reading Warriors are Willing to Row

Thought Tuesday

Improving Life

It is amazing that the Fresh Prince of Belair can be so wise.  Everyday I am learning that this statement is true.  My life is better each time I attempt to lift another. Be honest.  Most people want to feel like their life meant something, like they made a positive difference in the world.  This… Continue reading Improving Life

Warrior Wednesday

Warrior Women are Ready for the Day

Everyday I send my daughter out into the world hoping I have instilled this principle into her heart. Warriors put on their armory every day.  A Warrior protects her mind with the helmet of salvation.  A Warrior protects her virtue girt about with truth.  A Warrior protects her heart with the breastplate of righteousness.  A… Continue reading Warrior Women are Ready for the Day