Warrior Wednesday

Warriors in the Making

I've been thinking today about what makes a warrior woman. A warrior woman is someone who defends core values. She stands up for what is right. She defends children and family. She stand for peace. She stands her ground and, if necessary, pushes for change. She isn't really about glory and is often going about… Continue reading Warriors in the Making

Thought Tuesday, Warrior Wednesday

A Warrior’s Personal Power

Have you ever noticed that some people seem to never be down, never get discouraged, and always seem to be in charge of their life?  I wonder why these people have such a positive, uplifting vibe and others don't.  I recognize that we all positive and negative thoughts and moods.  I am learning that there… Continue reading A Warrior’s Personal Power

Warrior Wednesday

A Warrior sees the Divine Design

Yesterday I read talk by Elder Ronald A. Rasband entitled By Divine Design. As I read I couldn't help but think how a Warrior understands the Divine Design, embraces it, and lives it. In this talk he talked about how there are no "coincidences with God... things happen by "divine design." Now, that is not… Continue reading A Warrior sees the Divine Design

Warrior Wednesday

I am Raising Warrior Moms

Yesterday I was there to witness the birth of my grandson, Holland Maitland Jessop.  My daughter, his mom, is a warrior!  Her labors and deliveries are much faster than mine ever were.  She really "labored" all day in what experts call pre-labor.  It is a labor that is uncomfortable, makes you super tired, and moves… Continue reading I am Raising Warrior Moms

Warrior Wednesday

A Warrior Chooses the Harder Right

There are days that are best described on the pages of Harry Potter.  Ever since the books were released, I have been inspired by their pages.  Some how, Dumbledore has wise words for every situation.  Take these quotes, for example: "It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our… Continue reading A Warrior Chooses the Harder Right

Warrior Wednesday

A Warrior Stays Positive

A Warrior stays positive! Negative things happen all the time... to everyone.  However, we do not need to allow the negative situations to effect our lives and our attitudes.  You can remain positive in the midst of tragedy. A Warrior stays positive! Surround yourself with positive people that can help you, and each other, through… Continue reading A Warrior Stays Positive