Warrior Wednesday

A Warrior Can Focus on the Good

I have no idea what this website is, but I love this image.

The older I get the more I realize that our thoughts create our reality. We can truly create pretty much anything in our lives if we believe in it… really believe in it.

Okay… it’s easier said than done. It doesn’t happen over night. But I am learning that as I focus and work at it I can create a reality that brings peace and happiness.

I’m not saying that focusing on the happy and on the good keeps the unhappy and the bad at bay. We all still have a bad day or two here or there. Life is full of ups and downs. We need to embrace the ups and downs and see where they lead us. However, even on the bad day, when I focus on greatness, it does get better.

A warrior focuses on the good.

It is too easy to focus on the chaos of the world and to get stuck in a rut spiraling down in depression, sadness, and doom. It takes courage to focus on the good in our lives during trying times and to use it to battle tough circumstances.

A Warrior does not devalue the good in their life.

Stand back. Pick out what is going right rather than picking out what is going wrong. Change your perspective. You will find a plethora of everyday things you may have been taking for granted.

It’s the little things… 3 meals a day… waking up in the morning… homes that protect us… jobs that pay the bills and may even be something we love to day… sleeping in a comfy bed… These are all things not everyone gets to do. These are things that a person could focus on when it’s hard to find something positive.

A warrior focuses on the good and the good gets better.

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