Family Friday

Wrapping Out September

It has been another busy week... starting with Saturday. I started the morning at the high school working on the set for Mamma Mia.  Ii was on my own with this work party.  The kids try hard and are learning good skills, but the work went rather slow.  I did get a couple dads helping… Continue reading Wrapping Out September


#bethelight – Day 319

Today I pulled up to the school and someone was parked in my parking space.  It wouldn't be such a big deal, except the school assigned parking spaces to everyone.  If I went ahead and parked in someone else's spot, then they would need to find somewhere to park.  So... I parked by the shop. … Continue reading #bethelight – Day 319


Warriors Rack up Tiny Deeds

Resigning as the General Manager of the Universe

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted, AesopA series of seemingly small but incorrect choices can become those little soul-destroying termites that eat away at the foundations of our testimony until, before we are aware, we may be brought near to spiritual and moral destruction.  In the similar way, small acts of kindness, the tiny deeds of Christian service, the silent but significant efforts to control our thoughts and feelings – these are the simple things that build character and shape human destiny everlastingly.

Is our journey sometimes impeded when we forget the importance of small and simple things?  We need to have family and personal prayers; study the scriptures, particularly the Book of Mormon; hold family home evenings; follow the admonition of the Savior to love one another, and be thoughtful, kind, and gentle with family.  Through these and other similar small and simple things, we have the promise that our lives will be filled with…

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Warrior Wednesday

Warrior Women are Ready for the Day

Everyday I send my daughter out into the world hoping I have instilled this principle into her heart. Warriors put on their armory every day.  A Warrior protects her mind with the helmet of salvation.  A Warrior protects her virtue girt about with truth.  A Warrior protects her heart with the breastplate of righteousness.  A… Continue reading Warrior Women are Ready for the Day


#bethelight – Day 316, 317, and 318

Boy!  The days do get away from me.  I don't want you to think I have abandoned my kindness campaign.  I have not.  Each day I look for someone to help, to be a listening ear, to give a hug, to do a small and simple thing that can make someone else's life better.  That… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 316, 317, and 318

Menu Monday

Pushing Forward

I continue down the path of incorporating life-enhancing, delicious, plant power foods into my diet.  I continue to significantly cut back on animal products.  However, struggle to be as strict with the "rules" of Eat to Live due to my lack of time.  I struggle to find time to prep my foods and I struggle… Continue reading Pushing Forward

Satisfaction Saturday

Why I am Satisfied with Compression Socks

Okay... today is about a shameless plug for something new in my life... compression socks! I know.  You might have the same impression I've had of compression socks.  They are for old people.  Then, a few things happened in my life.  I got old.  My leg ache so bad I can't sleep at night.  And… Continue reading Why I am Satisfied with Compression Socks

Family Friday

An Other Week Down

Big week around the Boyack house this week.  We started our "week" (remember that I report on Fridays so Saturday is  the beginning out the weekly report) with half the family celebrating Jon Jessops' wedding. Kimber and Ray, McKay and Myles, Chad and John all enjoyed the festivities in Utah, from the temple experience to… Continue reading An Other Week Down


#bethelight – Day 313, 314, and 315

My days may be busy, but you can never be too busy to be kind. I was a sub for my friend on Thursday and Friday.  He had a scheduled trip to see some plays with family and friends so I covered his classes and managed rehearsals on my own.  It's a lot harder to… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 313, 314, and 315