Satisfaction Saturday

Why I am Satisfied with Compression Socks

Okay... today is about a shameless plug for something new in my life... compression socks! I know.  You might have the same impression I've had of compression socks.  They are for old people.  Then, a few things happened in my life.  I got old.  My leg ache so bad I can't sleep at night.  And… Continue reading Why I am Satisfied with Compression Socks

Family Friday

An Other Week Down

Big week around the Boyack house this week.  We started our "week" (remember that I report on Fridays so Saturday is  the beginning out the weekly report) with half the family celebrating Jon Jessops' wedding. Kimber and Ray, McKay and Myles, Chad and John all enjoyed the festivities in Utah, from the temple experience to… Continue reading An Other Week Down


#bethelight – Day 313, 314, and 315

My days may be busy, but you can never be too busy to be kind. I was a sub for my friend on Thursday and Friday.  He had a scheduled trip to see some plays with family and friends so I covered his classes and managed rehearsals on my own.  It's a lot harder to… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 313, 314, and 315

Theatre Thursday

The Job of the Actor is to Understand, Not Judge the Character

I was a substitute today at school.  In Production Workshop we are beginning a unit on improving character development.  I showed the class a couple of great clips where seasoned actors shared some sound advice about the development of a solid, believable character. I love what he had to say.  He said it wasn't… Continue reading The Job of the Actor is to Understand, Not Judge the Character


#bethelight – Day 312

I read this quote today... "Attitudes are contagious.  Make yours worth catching." - David Mezzapelle Today I worked on having a positive contagious attitude.  I used as my inspiration my best friend, Pollyanna herself, Jo.  I know life gets her down on occasion, but she doesn't stay strong for herself.  She makes an effort to… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 312


#bethelight – Day 311

Each day I begin the day with a statement of my intention by thinking about all the good things that are going to happen in my day.  I actually tell God all about and ask Him to help me see opportunities to spread kindness throughout the day.  I think about my friends and family and… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 311

Warrior Wednesday

Warriors Rack up Tiny Deeds

A series of seemingly small but incorrect choices can become those little soul-destroying termites that eat away at the foundations of our testimony until, before we are aware, we may be brought near to spiritual and moral destruction.  In the similar way, small acts of kindness, the tiny deeds of Christian service, the silent but… Continue reading Warriors Rack up Tiny Deeds


#bethelight – Day 310

I was thinking today... the act of kindness I could spread today is to be accepting.  No matter a person's race, age, culture, or whatever, accept them for who they are - a child of God.  Today I embraced the beauty of humanity and the differences that bring variety to the world.  I believe that… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 310

Thought Tuesday

I Need to be Nice for Me

I am discovering more and more throughout life that God does not NEED me to be nice.  I NEED me to be nice. Helping other and being kind to everyone you encounter warms your own heart.  Helping others gives you a fresh perspective and keeps you from focusing on your own problems.  Drawing the focus… Continue reading I Need to be Nice for Me

Menu Monday


I discovered over the past few weeks that I am lacking a variety of colors in my plant foods. As I look at the pictures of the foods I ate over the past couple of weeks, I am seeing a trend toward a bland pallet. I should changing things up in the coming weeks. However,… Continue reading E