Family Friday

Wrapping Out September

It has been another busy week… starting with Saturday.

I started the morning at the high school working on the set for Mamma Mia.  Ii was on my own with this work party.  The kids try hard and are learning good skills, but the work went rather slow.  I did get a couple dads helping in the morning, but must of the work was done be students.  So much to do and so little time to do it!

I left the set around 2:30 and headed out to Helmick Park for Jon’s wedding reception.  It had rained in the morning so they were pretty lucky in the afternoon.  Micheal and Juliette made a ton of tasty food.

Lilli and I left the party around 5 and headed back to the high school.  We were able to start the base paint.  I thought I would only have a couple of kids come, but lots of kids came, ready to work.

We got all the base “stecko” paint done.  We were hoping that my co-director, who was away over the weekend, would be pleasantly surprised.  I wasn’t there when he saw it.  I sure hope he made a big deal about how much got done.  However… I am still not sleeping.  I have so much more to do… rocks… trim… the floor… the backdrop… electrical.. fix the turn table… fix the fog machine… hang and focus lighting… write light cues… gah!  Tech is in two weeks.

Meanwhile, while I was working at the high school, John helped Kimber and Ray and the kids move into our house.  There has been boxes and stuff all around the house for the week.  We are still working on managing an over full household.  Kimber and Ray are still working on clean the old house and finding a place for all their stuff.

Hannah loves being on her mission.  She loves the people she is working with.  She enjoys her mission president.  She thinks he is good at teaching and inspiring her.   Her faith and testimony have grown a ton.  She is working on braking out of the traditional missionary box and find creative ways to minister to the people she meets.

Her new companion had done most of her hours at hair school and gave Hannah a hair cut this week.  I think it turned out super cute!

Well… that was the week.  We will have to see how this coming week goes.

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