#bethelight – Day 144

Today for my act of kindness I read some books… I picked up toys… I did 4 loads of dishes… I made cookies… I swept the floor twice… I took people to lunch… I bought a teenager clothes… I bought 2 adult children clothes… I emailed try missionary… I mailed post card to my missionary… I made dinner and I cleaned up after dinner… I read more books… I sang some songs… I played with little people… and now I’m heading to bed. It is good to help out when visiting family. I sure hope it relieves the stress of being a young parent. Meanwhile I hope my other kid aren’t jealous. I will do the same for them too… an other day. For now, I will head to bed. Tomorrow will be an other day of playing with the grand kids.

What did you do today to lighten the load for someone else?

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