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Always Remember

“A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.” —Joseph Campbell. Today is Memorial Day. Sadly, most of the people I know think of it as National BBQ Day. They didn't meet my Grandpa who served in Europe during WWII. They didn't meet Great Grandpa who died (as… Continue reading Always Remember

Forward Steps

New Year… New Thoughts

I saw this quote today and thought, it might be time to dust off the blog and to start again. 2022 was not what I would call "a walk-in-the-park." In fact, it was rough. So many things and no desire to remember them for posterity. This quote is a good reminder that I CHOOSE what… Continue reading New Year… New Thoughts

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Not the summer I expected…

This has been an odd summer. I planned on leisurely floating my pool most days and completing a couple projects. Instead, I worked 12 hour days on a little summer show for the first week out of school. Then there was the 4th of July parade, followed by some time with a grand daughter. At… Continue reading Not the summer I expected…


Be Where Your Feet Are

I have been working on mindfulness lately. It's a process. Mindfulness is difficult because it involves a willingness to be with ourselves as we are. It offers a way of learning to work with ourselves, and not on ourselves, especially if you are healing from perfectionism. I am discovering that this is one of my… Continue reading Be Where Your Feet Are

Forward Steps

Today I've been thinking about how I can nurture my relationship to self. This is something I've been working on for several years. Here is what I am going to focus on this week: Be Kind to Myself Taking care of my body, treating myself to a massage, exercising regularly (tough one for me) and… Continue reading

Forward Steps

Good Eats and Best Qualities

Today marks one week back in the intermittent fasting routine. I feel pretty successful. The only change I made this time around is that I added 2 cups of bone broth to my daily intake. It has really helped me when my body wants to come to a crashing halt at the end of the… Continue reading Good Eats and Best Qualities

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Note to Self

Dear self, Change is hard... even when it's a repeat of "changes" in the past. With that in mind, I have a few reminders for you. Express gratitude everyday... even for the hard things. An attitude of gratitude brings the blessings of heaven to your heart and to your mind. Changing the outside isn't the… Continue reading Note to Self

Forward Steps

How many Times do You Need to Start Over?

I sit here today contemplating starting over.... again. Something about New Year's Day bring on this guilt trip of resolution un-reached and the pressure to publicly announce resolutions for a new year. New Year’s Day is the most obvious landmark in our lives seemingly designed to start goals, but birthdays, the start of spring, the… Continue reading How many Times do You Need to Start Over?

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An Attitude of Gratitude Experiment 2.0 Day 186

I have missed a few days. oops. Today I am grateful that my migraine is not as intense today. I am also grateful that my students were understanding yesterday and were willing to reschedule. Today I am grateful that the big fire by McKay's house doesn't look like it's headed in her direction. Today I… Continue reading An Attitude of Gratitude Experiment 2.0 Day 186