Forward Steps

New Year… New Thoughts

I saw this quote today and thought, it might be time to dust off the blog and to start again.

2022 was not what I would call “a walk-in-the-park.” In fact, it was rough. So many things and no desire to remember them for posterity.

This quote is a good reminder that I CHOOSE what my story will be like.

At this point, I’d say we are empty nesters, even with one 19 year still living at home. All of the other 4 children live far away – and the grandchildren live far away too. They are all missing out on how their parents are growing and changing, just like we are missing out on how they are all growing and changing. Will they ever truly know who we are? Will we ever truly know who they are? Will we ever be close?

The answer is… I don’t know. But I can say that an effort to record random thoughts here and there could help family to know me better… at least when I am no longer here. (funny how people know more about those who have passed on than they do about the living… sometimes).

So, I am going to do better this year at recording thought that I think I’d like my grandchildren to know someday. I’d like to make the story for 2023 my own… not what happens to me, but what I make happen for me.

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