health journey

Not the summer I expected…

This has been an odd summer. I planned on leisurely floating my pool most days and completing a couple projects. Instead, I worked 12 hour days on a little summer show for the first week out of school. Then there was the 4th of July parade, followed by some time with a grand daughter. At least that was planned. Then there were a couple of days of camping before I realized that I was sick… Covid. Gah! So, very little floating in the pool has happened. Very few projects are getting done.

I do feel better. I just get tired quickly. Just washing the dishes wipes me out. I am hoping to be able to go camping again, this time with my parents. I just can’t afford to relapse because I need to be well enough to go on a work trip soon and to attend a baptism.

Meanwhile, I have been contemplating how to improve my health. Here are some of my conclusions: green smoothies and salads mixed with fasting, attempt modified yoga- it has to be modified because my knees can’t handle it, keep working on improved sleep, and finally, record my progress and efforts daily.

So… here I go again.

Life is like that… a series of do-overs in an effort to change and to be more good each day. More like how God would want me to be. More mindful. More purposeful. More at peace.

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