Family Friday

Catching up on the Family Report

It's been a few weeks since I've had the time to catch up on family activities. Trust me... we are busy. Kimber and Ray and the kids are still living at our house. They are busy little people. Holland is getting his teeth... all at once! Poor guy. Freya loves going to pre-school several times… Continue reading Catching up on the Family Report

Family Friday

Busting into 2019

Okay... I am not doing a good job of reporting how things have been going in 2019 thus far. I should repent of that. I will do my best to catch up and then stay on top of it from now on. Well... I will at least try. John was gone for the beginning of… Continue reading Busting into 2019

Family Friday

Ending a Whirlwind Year

We ended 2018 with a bang! Tons of work. Tons of performances. McKay and family moving to Salem. Christmas. John going back to Logan to work for a long 2 week assignment... and illness. We had several dance performance roll through the auditorium. Lillian's friend Ethan learned the light board for one performance because Lilli… Continue reading Ending a Whirlwind Year

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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 23 and 24

It's been a couple long days and I have not been able to get to my computer to recognize my grateful things. I decided that it would be a good thing to thank the people who have changed me for good in many positive ways. First, I am thankful for my husband.  He was gone… Continue reading Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 23 and 24

Family Friday

Gah! The Week has Been TOO Long

It's beginning to look like the Christmas season... Well... concert season.  This has been my view every evening this week and it will extend into next week. The week started with the Talmage Middle School Choir concert.  The next day was the High School Choir concert.  They did a fun set in Spanish with a… Continue reading Gah! The Week has Been TOO Long

Family Friday

Snap! It’s December!

It hasn't been that long since I posted about the family.  It has been a crazy busy week, and it won't be the busiest week we have. Kimber, Ray and the kids were able to find time to take in the lights.  They went down to Corvallis to see the lights and to see the… Continue reading Snap! It’s December!

Family Friday

Opps… I Let My Week Get Away

So, this won't be a typical post for me.  Friday was a busy day on the road, so I didn't actually post on Family Friday.  Besides, I couldn't wait an additional week to report on the most exciting thing of the week.  So her it goes... Lilli used her last Saturday of Thanksgiving week to… Continue reading Opps… I Let My Week Get Away

Family Friday

Thanksgiving Week in the Books

This week has been a week of rest and relaxation... somewhat by force.  On Saturday John raked the leaves in the yard.  The pile was HUGE.  Then he and Kimber played with the kids in the leaves.  It was super cute. I took Lilli to see an interesting performance at Willamette University called Future Voices. … Continue reading Thanksgiving Week in the Books

Family Friday

Half Way Through November

Trying out an IMAX theater in Washington to see Bohemian Rhapsody This past week has been packed full of adventures.  First, John and I took some time for some much needed rest and relaxation.  Our tradition for this time of year is to spend the weekend at the coast.  John decided to mix it up… Continue reading Half Way Through November

Scripture Sunday

Parental Love

I've been pondering the concept of parental love of a "goodly" parent for the last couple of months. I am learning more and more from day to day that the love of a parent for a child is the most profound because it lasts more than a life time. It lasts for an eternity. It… Continue reading Parental Love