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An Attitude of Gratitude Experiment 2.0 Day 49

Close-up Of Gratitude Word With Pen On Notebook Over Wooden Desk

Today I am grateful for less to do in the evening. Last night I was out last with a meeting. When I got home, Lilli was having a sad moment, so I sat and hugged her awhile and then made her mac-n-cheese. Then the power went out. That meant I needed to stay up even longer. I need power to sleep. I had to wait until it came back on. That meant I didn’t get to bed until 1 in the morning… the 6 am alarm seemed very early.

Today I am grateful the power came back.

Today I am grateful my teen still likes me and snuggles.

Today I am grateful for a good day at work.

Today I am grateful John went with me to run errands.

Today I am grateful that Riley feels well enough to sleep in her own bed. I felt bad for her sleeping on the couch.

Today I am grateful I got to see Haley. Okay. She came to visit Riley, but I still got a hug!

Today I am grateful for chat with my Jo as we were both traveling from point A to point B.

Today I am grateful for a short visit with my friend Nancy and for her donations to my craft classes at school. I do miss seeing my church friends since COVID has kept us from seeing each other on a regular basis.

Today I am grateful for 3 pieces of pepper Jack cheese, 2 pieces of smoked turkey, 4 saltines, Emergen-c, Keto drink powder, avocado tuna salad on lettuce leaves and a yummy bowl of broccoli soup.

I am grateful for intermittent fasting and for a health diet. It’s slow, but it’s working! Still working my way down in a good direction.

Today I am grateful for my chiropractor.

Today I am grateful for the opportunity to call Lenayah and Tatum and to read them a bedtime story over face-time.

Today I am grateful for McKay’s good news.

Today I am grateful for a nice chat with Kimber. I am thankful she was willing to listen to my rant.

Today I am grateful I was able to help Hannah… even if all I did was to check a website for her.

What are you grateful for today.

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