An Attitude of Gratitude Experiment 2.0 Day 48

Long day… with more to go.

Today I am grateful for the extra hours I picked up subbing. I could use the money. I am grateful for a little more to chip off the old bills.

Today I am grateful that I made it through all of my lesson planning for the week. Now I can work on the following week.

Today I am grateful for Lillian holding down the fort at home. She really is picking up so much slack. She has been Riley’s nurse and comforter. She took Riley to her follow up appointment where they learned that the splint was put on wrong and that her leg break will require surgery on Friday. Lilli has kept up in school too and helped with things around the house because I picked up those extra hours and since John works endlessly 15-16 hour days. Lilli has been amazing.

Today I am grateful for Jeff… my work partner. We had our first “pick up rehearsal” today over Zoom. We begin rehearsing outside next week. We are only gathering 2 days a week until we are allowed back in the building.

Today I am grateful that the rising waters around my house have slowed down.

Today I am grateful for chicken noodle soup and Saltines and for a lovely side salad with tomatoes, chicken bites and a bacon crumbs and topped with a homemade dressing. I am also grateful for the Keto drink that helped to hold me over as I completed my 48 hour cleansing fast. I am thankful for the herbs, vitamins and Emergan-c that I had that is helping me strengthen my immune system. I am also grateful that I succeeded in drinking my water goal… 116 oz.

Today I am grateful for my dear friend Rachel who brought me a beautiful gift from Hawaii. I fully intend on giving it plenty of use at the pool this summer.

Today I am thankful for the thought from A Year of Positive Thinking. “Kindness. When someone says something kind about you, choose to believe them.” This is difficult for me most days. It’s a work in progress. Thus, I am grateful for the reminder.

What are you grateful for?

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