Family Friday

Family Comes First

I have been struggling about what to write for Family Friday this week because I didn’t get any pictures and our week has been ordinary and usual.  Then it dawned on me, EVERY DAY is a family day!  Family comes first… even on busy weeks our activities reflect that family comes first.

The importance of family can not be overstated.  Family is the gift that God gives us at birth.   Families are the first nurturers, educators, protectors, and caregivers.  Somethings never change.  Most of my children are grown and moving on, some even starting families of their own.  I still nurture.  I still educate.  I still protect.  I still care.  I still comfort.

Here are a few reasons why my family comes first:

They made me the person I am today.  Whether I’m thinking of my parents and siblings, or my husband and children, this is one of the reasons I am most thankful for my family.  Everything I have done throughout my life.  Family has been there through every step in life.  My parents did everything possible to raise me to be the best individual I could possibly be.  Parenting helped shape me into a more patient and confident person.  All of my accomplishments, my talents, and my personality qualities have developed largely because I had a great start with a strong supportive family. I continue to develop because my kids and husband complete me.

My house is my home.  Family make a house a home.  I learned this a long time ago when I moved away to college.  A house is nothing more than a shelter with some furniture; a home is what your family makes of it.  It’s been awhile since my entire family has been together.  Adult children don’t always have the opportunity to come home often.  Although our lives are going in all kinds of directions, time spent together holds a special place in my heart.

Family teaches and gives unconditional love.  Whether we choose to ignore them or simply overlook them, families tend to put aside our flaws and love us anyway.  No matter what stupid thing we do, family love us through it.  Families not only allow mistakes, but allow us all to learn from them as well.

Craziness!  Every family has it’s share of and own brand of crazy.  Face it.  We would be incomplete without the madness.  Odd family traditions.  Wildly inappropriate discussions at dinner (kids, you know the ones). Weird habits.  Whether we have an Uncle Fester, Aunt Herman, or just have crazy siblings and kids, these relationships are what makes a family unique.

Family will always protect you.  That’s what we do.  One person needs help.  Everyone rallies.  You find yourself in trouble and family find a way to help you make it out.  The world is a scary place.  It is reassuring to know that at the end of the day, you have a place to go that not only makes you feel safe, but loved.  No matter what we are going through, family sticks by you through thick and thin.

So, it doesn’t really matter that all we did this week, at least at home, is common and usual.  It doesn’t matter if I got a picture of the family activities.  What matters is we are family.

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